Otterbein Residents Pen Winter Poetry

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Members of Otterbein Lebanon’s writing group, The Scribblers, find their inspiration in all kinds of ways. We’ve chosen a selection of winter-inspired poems from their most recent publication as a welcome to the new season.

Whispers of Evening

By Ruth S.

The road beckons, and I must go.
I feel some apprehension.
Where does it lead?
What will I find as I go along?
Who will guide me?
Will someone be kind enough to go with me,
Or is this the journey I must take alone?
What will be at the end of the shimmering road?
Maybe my fears are unfounded,
But I know the darkness is drawing near.
The sun is setting!

I hear the whispers of evening.
The leaves rustle gently in the breeze.
The newly fallen rain reflects the silver rays.
The shadows on the trees betray their deep, dark green.

And I, I plod on.
I fear no more
For I know, I know there is a heavenly morn.


By Nancy N.

Blessings are falling around us from heaven,
all the time;
Gratitude is in the naming of them –
here are a few of mine:

My American birth and a safe place to live;
My Bible and the peace that Jesus gives;
Warm blankets and a pillow and
freedom from serious pain,
Walkers and wheelchairs and glasses,
Grab bars and slippers and shelter from the rain.
And indoor plumbing.

The amazing power and variety in weather,
And seasons that change in predictable order.
“Everyday” miracles like color and snowflakes.
And the sound the rain makes
On the roof, when I don’t have to go out.
And sunshine.

A time to sleep; the ability to get myself up
And greet the new day, to work or to play;
The companionship of animals,
The kindness of neighbors and friends;
The help of the Holy Spirit, which never ends.
And quietness.

The delicate beauty of a frosty morning.
The privilege of prayer in a comfortable chair.
Pink clouds at sunrise; the ability to read and write;
The joy of expression through language;
And books

A cup of coffee, hot chocolate or tea
And enough to eat
Music and poetry and beautiful art;
Clean water and light bulbs, only a part
Of the blessings in the commonplace
And laughter.

Loving parents and healthy kids;
Photographs, grandchildren, pretty boxes with lids;
Sight and sound, a healthy mind;
Purpose and joy in simple things.
And good memories.

In this winter which holds the promise of spring,
I’m grateful, so grateful for everything!

Why Do We Write?

By Nancy N.

Why do we write? There’s reason upon reason.
Now, in the fall and winter of our time
we’re retired, and it’s finally the season
to sit ourselves down and scribble a line.

Sometimes we write our faith to express;
to share our journey; to tell how we’ve come
to this place in this life, and how we’ll progress
to the next when we leave for our Heav’nly home

Sometimes we write – well, ‘cause we must;
with so many wonderful words in our heads,
and phrases keep rolling around that just
demand to be put on paper and read!

Sometimes we write to make things known
so that those who come after us can thrive;
to relate how we’ve lived and learned and grown
throughout the years and days of our lives.

Sometimes we write to remember, too;
to record our stories and events,
and honor the memory of people who
we’ve loved and who’ve made a difference.

Sometimes we write to entertain –
maybe tickle a funnybone or two;
to lighten a load or lessen a pain;
to make somebody’s day less blue.

Sometimes we write for the blissful joy
of painting a picture with a good turn of phrase,
using just the right language, or to employ
a word that our meaning clearly portrays.

Sometimes we write to lay it all out
in plain English and sort how we’re feeling,
so we can see just what we’re really about,
the conundrums with which we are dealing.
Sometimes we write to share something great
that we heard or we felt or we saw
that we thought you might also appreciate,
to share a smile or a tear or a moment of awe.
Why do we write? It’s one question, for sure,
with so many answers, and all of them right.
I have my reasons, and you will have yours;
but we are all writers – and that’s why we write!

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