Otterbein SeniorLife Announces New Mission Statement

Posted on: July 24, 2023

Otterbein SeniorLife has announced a new mission statement for the organization: Inspired by faith, we strive to enrich individual life journeys for all.

We share more about the new mission statement through a video featuring Otterbein SeniorLife President & CEO Jill Wilson and other members of the corporate team. This blog also details a Q&A with additional information about the exciting change.

Otterbein’s New Mission Statement

“Otterbein is mission-driven and inspired by faith,” said Wilson. “We will strive to constantly do better, we will work to enrich the lives of those we serve, we will recognize everyone is on their own unique life journey, and we will reach out and engage all residents, elders, partners, families, volunteers, and board members.”

Here’s a breakdown of the new mission statement:

Inspired by faith, we strive to enrich individual life journeys for all.

  • Inspired by faith – Otterbein is a mission-based organization inspired by faith. Faith can be in a higher being, a concept, family, friends, and/or human nature.
  • we strive – Otterbein will continually strive to enrich individual life journeys.
  • to enrich individual life journeys – Otterbein will provide a choice of quality living environments, care, and services, each designed to enrich individual life journeys.
  • for all – Celebrating the similarities and differences among all constituents, including residents, elders, partners (employees), families, volunteers, donors, board members, and the local communities in which we serve.

The History Behind the Change in Mission Statement

The previous mission statement was adopted in 1995 and served Otterbein well, but a lot has changed in 28 years. In 1995, Otterbein was known as Otterbein Homes, and now we’re known as Otterbein SeniorLife.

In 1995, Otterbein was comprised of five retirement communities. Now, Otterbein is comprised of 22 organizations offering a variety of senior living and care options.

In the past, Otterbein was mis-perceived as serving only United Methodist residents. Now, Otterbein promotes and celebrates the similarities and differences of all constituents.

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Q&A About the New Mission Statement Process

Q: What was the process used to create and approve the new mission statement?

A: A subcommittee of the strategic planning team worked for several weeks and identified several options for a new mission statement. Once those options were developed, a survey plan was created to include a wide variety of Otterbein constituents, including residents, elders, board members, and partners.

Q: What were the results of the mission statement surveys?

A: Throughout the first few months of 2023, the survey was executed, and ultimately over 1,200 people responded. Nearly 65 percent of those surveyed responded favorably to ‘inspired by faith,’ and over 75 percent responded favorably to ‘enrich individual life journeys.’ It became clear that the mission statement needed to integrate both phrases.

Learn More About Otterbein SeniorLife

Otterbein SeniorLife offers seniors unlimited lifestyle options and life-enriching opportunities through independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing, rehab, memory support, respite care, in-home care, and hospice services.

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on serving residents in our communities throughout Ohio and in Indiana. Learn more about our values, history, and services here.