[VIDEO] Finding Quality Assisted Living Care at Otterbein Sunset House

Posted on: July 20, 2022

“It’s like being in a hotel — and yet we still have our privacy, or we have as much interaction as we want.” – Otterbein Sunset House resident Mina

Otterbein Sunset House, located in Toledo, Ohio, offers quality assisted living care for those with a variety of needs. In this video blog, you’ll meet resident couple Thomas and Mina. They share what they enjoy most about living here and explain how the partners (staff) provide assistance. 

Finding the Right Community

When Thomas and Mina began their search for assisted living, they were grateful for the help of their children, who helped them visit communities. Thomas had the opportunity to join in the search and was immediately drawn to Otterbein.

“I had an opportunity to look at some other places, and my first impression of the other places was small and dull,” says Thomas. “I came here and found it totally different. The settings were anything but dull, and the rooms were larger and it just seemed more roomy — and more comfortable living here.”

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Feeling a Sense of Belonging

Otterbein Sunset House features private apartments in a variety of floor plans, from studios to two bedrooms. Each apartment has a full bath and kitchenette, and residents bring their own furniture and favorite belongings to make their space feel like home.

“I love my apartment. It’s just the right size for us,” says Mina. “We have a living room and a bedroom, and our living room is really spacious.”

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Inside view of an apartment at Otterbein Sunset House.

Enjoying the Activities and Amenities

There are always engaging activities on campus. Residents can take art classes and attend trivia events and worship services. Amenities include an on-site beauty and barber shop, walking paths, gazebo, indoor and outdoor dining areas, and many common areas and activity rooms.

“It’s fun living here because there are so many activities, and they’re so varied,” says Mina. “Anything you could probably want to do — they do.” 

Accessing Care and Therapy Services

“If we need something, all we have to do is press these little buttons we wear around our neck, and somebody’s there to help us,” says Mina.

“I have Parkinson’s, and I know over a period of time that my strength will deteriorate,” says Thomas. “Right now, I can maintain my strength, and part of the thing is getting the physical therapy here. We don’t have to go out for it, and it’s part of our routine.”

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Nursing assistance is available around the clock in the assisted living community at Otterbein Sunset House. There are three models of assisted living care at Otterbein Sunset House: social, memory care, and medical.

Residents in the assisted living social model may only require a helping hand with activities of daily living but remain primarily independent, accessing services as needed. The memory care model serves residents diagnosed with some form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

And lastly, residents that fall under the medical assisted living model typically need regular nursing care such as tube feeding, transfers, or wound care. 

Experiencing Peace of Mind

Knowing you’re surrounded by a supportive team that can help whenever needed provides peace of mind to residents and their loved ones. The continuing care available to residents at Otterbein Sunset House is beneficial in maintaining an active lifestyle among friends and partners, who often feel like family. 

“If we were living at home, we would not be as active,” says Mina. “You don’t have the interaction with all the other people that we have here, which is really fun.”

Living at Otterbein Sunset House provides opportunities for socialization, fitness, security, and financial stability. On its own, social interaction has been shown to have positive effects on your blood pressure, immune system, memory, brain health, and more.

“We love it here — we really do,” says Mina.

“It’s our home,” adds Thomas.

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