Your 7 Ways to Stay Engaged While Staying Home

Posted on: March 17, 2023

When illness or inclement weather forces us to stay at home, it may present special challenges for seniors who rely on regular engagement with other people. Social isolation can be harmful and sometimes lead to loneliness or depression. It’s best to find ways to stay connected to improve your health and well-being. 

Here are a few suggestions that might help keep your mind and spirit busy while you remain at home.

1) Turn On the Radio

If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area, you’ll want to tune in to WOSU, the region’s celebrated public radio station with the best of NPR news and public affairs and the finest in classical music. Tune your radio to station 91.1 FM to check it out.

Also, 89.7 NPR News FM is the only all-day NPR station in central Ohio, offering local and global news and public affairs programming including All Sides with Ann Fisher, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered. 

Or, if you prefer, tune in to Classical 101 (WOSA – 101.1 FM), for classical music all day, every day.

2) Bring The Columbus Zoo to You

Bring the zoo to you with the Columbus Zoo’s animal guide, where you can learn interesting facts about all your favorite animals, from cheetahs to giraffes. 

Here are some additional zoo and aquarium websites with live cams to explore:

3) Watch Movies on TV

To find suggestions on movies to watch, check out AARP’s annual list of best movies. You can read about the films and get a quick glimpse to help you decide which ones to view. Then, use streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime to find your favorites.

4) Take Virtual Museum Tours

Do you enjoy visiting art and history museums? Many offer virtual tours and 360-degree videos to bring the exhibits to you!

Take a look at some popular options:

5) Exercise at Home with Videos

There are numerous online resources for exercising at home. It’s hard to beat the convenience of getting a workout that doesn’t require a trip to the local gym.

Explore some of these resources for older adults:

6) Listen to Opera

The Metropolitan Opera has an on-demand catalog of full-length Met performances available for free streaming from their website. 

Experience more than 750 operas from old-school legends to today’s stars. Go to the Met Opera on Demand website for more details.

7) Lifelong Learning

PBS Learning, in cooperation with WOSU, has curated a list of wide-ranging, free education options available on the PBS Learning Media website. It’s a great way to continue lifelong learning in the comfort of your home.

Download Your Guide to a More Fulfilling Life

Keeping your mind and body occupied helps elevate your mood and can assure that wellness is maintained even when leaving your home isn’t an option. Try to look for new opportunities for personal growth and entertainment.

To help in this endeavor, download this free guide from Otterbein SeniorLife on living a more fulfilled life. In this guide, you’ll learn about the nine degrees of wellness and how each plays an important part in our overall well-being.