Your Guide to Assisted Living at Otterbein Sunset House

Posted on: January 3, 2023

What is assisted living like at Otterbein Sunset House? This blog will explore the frequently asked questions we get about assisted living services, activities, and amenities in our community.

What Is Assisted Living Like at Otterbein Sunset House?

At Otterbein Sunset House, we promote person-directed care and services. That means our residents live every day how they choose, with our experienced care partners available with any assistance as needed.

Sunset House has provided quality services to individuals in Toledo and the surrounding areas for over 150 years

“We have a great reputation, and we are known for our excellent care for the seniors we serve,” says Executive Director Judy Bishop. “What makes us stand out is that we offer assisted living services in a beautiful, Tudor-style mansion featuring many antiques and a gorgeous interior design.”

What Is a Typical Day Like in Assisted Living?

March Madness Party at Otterbein Sunset HouseAssisted Living crafting class at Otterbein Sunset House

“Just like you and I are different and have different routines, we encourage our residents’ hobbies and interests to drive the natural rhythm of their daily lives,” says Bishop. 

So, a typical day varies for each of our residents. For example, they may be:

  • Visiting with family and friends.
  • Going to appointments.
  • Taking walks on campus.
  • Reading a book in our library.
  • Playing the piano in our living room.
  • Enjoying dinner out.
  • Attending one of our many life enrichment programs.

How your loved one spends their time is their choice. There are no mandatory schedules here!

What Activity Programming Do You Offer at Otterbein Sunset House?

Activities for assisted living residents at Otterbein Sunset House are resident-driven. Our life enrichment calendar is created each month and offers a variety of events and activities.

We may host outside entertainers, spiritual programs for a variety of faith backgrounds, outings for shopping and meals, and exercise and walking groups.Assisted Living Walking Club at Otterbein Sunset House

Otterbein Sunset House features a “ONE CAMPUS” approach to living, so if a program is offered at our independent living community The Woodlands, assisted living residents can attend that program as well. Our assisted living residents are not limited to the life enrichment offerings held just at Sunset House.

“As a team, we are focused on bringing the fun back onto our campus into our residents’ lives,” Bishop adds, sharing that in addition to monthly culinary events, Otterbein Sunset House has hosted an Easter egg hunt, Halloween trick-or-treat, old-fashioned Christmas party with horse-drawn carriage rides, a summer concert series, and much more. 

What Does Assisted Living Care Look Like at Otterbein Sunset House?

Similar to how the programming is resident-driven, our residents’ care is also personalized. The nurses complete a functional assessment that identifies their care levels and how we can support a resident moving into assisted living.

“The overall goal is to encourage independence but provide services from our partners as needed to support the resident’s needs,” Bishop says. “Care guides are available to the partners at Otterbein Sunset House so they can identify what gives our residents purpose and an introduction to the resident’s interests.”

The employees (partners) are dedicated to providing the best care possible to our residents. In fact, if you ask our caregivers why they chose this occupation, the majority of them will tell you it’s because they had an influential grandparent or parent that they are honoring by working in a field that includes caring for seniors.

“Residents and families are most appreciative of how kind and compassionate the caregivers are,” Bishop adds. “They also appreciate the person-directed care approach encouraging residents’ natural awakening and natural retiring — and not being on a set schedule.”

What Do the Assisted Living Residential Spaces Look Like?

When researching assisted living spaces, it’s important to look for a community that offers options to best meet your loved one’s needs. In the assisted living at Otterbein Sunset House, we provide apartment-style living on our second, third, and fourth floors.  

There are a variety of apartments, including studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom floorplans. Each apartment has a full bath and kitchenette and plenty of space to bring in furniture, pictures, and personal belongings to make the space your loved one’s own.

In the video below, take a virtual tour of assisted living, and see inside an apartment at Otterbein Sunset House.

What Is the Food Like at Otterbein Sunset House?

One of the most common questions we get about assisted living at Otterbein Sunset House is about our dining experience. 

Recently, culinary services have transitioned to a “made-to-order” cuisine.  With this change, we offer a daily “available anytime” menu featuring ten different items a resident can choose from, plus the chef’s special.

Monthly, the culinary team features a meal for a holiday or special event, such as a backyard barbecue with a cookout and live musical entertainment.

Can I Bring My Pet?

Otterbein Sunset House residents’ cat laying in the sun

Yes — your furry friend can come to Otterbein Sunset House, too! In fact, we encourage residents to bring small pets as long as they can care for them.

Sunset House residents have brought birds, cats, and dogs to our community.

However, we ask that all of the animals remain current on their vaccinations to live at Otterbein Sunset House.

What if My Loved One Needs Assistance After a Fall — Do You Offer Rehabilitation Services to Residents?

Otterbein Sunset House partners with Symbria Rehab to offer our residents physical, occupational, and speech therapy. 

When a resident moves into Sunset House, our occupational therapy team can help with the setup of their apartment to design it so that it complements the setup they had at home.  

If a resident may need additional help, the physical therapy team can assist with strengthening and endurance regimens if the resident has had recent therapy or routine exercise programs.

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How Much Does Assisted Living at Otterbein Sunset House Cost?

The cost of assisted living services may vary depending on the options your loved one chooses. Our counselors can meet with you to discuss the costs and run numbers dependent on your particular situation and needs. 

This resource can help guide you on additional questions to ask when researching assisted living communities for your loved one.

How Do I Schedule a Respite Stay at Otterbein Sunset House?

We encourage prospective residents to try us out! Come for a respite stay for a week or two while your family is out of town and meet our team members, try our culinary offerings, and spend time getting to know us. Simply click on the link below, and we will be in touch soon!

I’m Interested in Booking a Respite Stay