Behind the Scenes at Otterbein SeniorLife Lebanon

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Ever wonder what life is really like at Otterbein SeniorLife Lebanon? We sat down with Anna Gallagher, director of marketing for Otterbein Lebanon, to get some of your top questions answered.

Q: Do I have to put down a large lump sum of money to move in?

Anna says: No – Otterbein prides itself on having a multitude of entrance options and price points. We try to meet everybody where they’re at financially. At Lebanon, we have more than 65 different price point options. There’s a wide variety of choices on campus. Also, there is the availability to rent only and not put down an entrance fee.

Q: I don’t feel ready to move in – I don’t think I’m old enough!

Anna says: We have people who are 55 and are banging down our doors to come in! Look at the variety of amenities, the maintenance-free living – it opens up your time to do other things.

You’re not working on the gutter or the roof or the ice maker. Let us take care of that. You’re doing the things you love – you’re going to the YMCA, the woodshop, you’re making something, you’re traveling, you’re going to senior Olympics.

Whatever it is that you enjoy, we’re allowing you to have the time to enjoy those things that you want to go after while we take care of the rest.

Q: What makes Otterbein different from other independent living communities?

Anna says: One reason is we learn each resident’s story and develop a customized plan for them. We listen to what you need and desire and really work to create a customized plan for your home and lifestyle.

We also follow the nine degrees of wellness here – going beyond just physical health. Our programming department intentionally creates activities and events each month that help fulfill each of these dimensions so you can experience complete wellness here.

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Q: What is there to do at Lebanon?

Anna says: We are a vibrant, active campus, and we have a wide variety of programming – from people who travel and go cross-country, to people who go adventuring and canoeing, to ziplining or go-karting, to people who enjoy an outing to the Reds or Bengals game.

There’s also the YMCA on campus. You can do Zumba or Tai Chi. Or, you can go to the creative arts studio and take a painting class; there’s just such a huge variety of programming. Every interest is represented here on campus, because people have voiced what they want to see for 107 years, and we’ve listened.

On any given day, there could be 20 different things going on on campus. I’ve heard people say, ‘There’s too much to do – I have to pick and choose because I want to do it all but can’t.’

Q: What if I want to leave campus? Are there things to do nearby?

Anna says: We are connected to Armco Park, which is a 900-acre park north of us. There’s a lake if you enjoy fishing, and we have a boat on the lake called Spirit of Otterbein. You can go golfing on the 18-hole golf course, and there are plenty of walking paths. We’re a 1,400-acre campus attached to that 900 acres, so you can zip over there in your golf cart.

We’re also close to both Dayton and Cincinnati, so there are sporting events, shopping, dining, museums, and more nearby.

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Q: What kind of home options are there?

Anna says: We have so many different independent living options, from studios all the way up to ranch homes with basements. There’s a wide variety of housing options to fit where you are in your life.

In addition to the home-like feel, the private entrance, the master bedroom with an en-suite bath, and the personalized air temperature controls, you make the decisions for your own home.

You make it your own. You hang the pictures where you like, you paint it the color you like, you can decorate it however you like – it’s all your choice. So I think another part is we emphasize how you want the home to look. We want you to be comfortable there.

Q: What if my spouse and I need different levels of care?

Anna says: As you age in place, we want you to be successful, so we provide any services you might need. Let’s say there’s a couple and one spouse is having a care need, but they want to remain in that home. We’re going to do everything in our power to provide them with the services they need to keep them in place in that home.

Q: What’s the food like?

Anna says: I just ate at the Great Wave Cafe, and it was packed.

It’s all-day dining. A lot of communities have a limited time during the day when you can eat, but the Great Wave Cafe is open 7 a.m.-7 p.m. You can go at any time and get meals that are prepared fresh.

Food’s important – everybody has a way they want to eat. And being able to be specific and not just come into dining where somebody says, you get these three options, that’s important. Our signature dining room alone, 1912, has 19 different options all the time.

And if you go to the Great Wave Cafe, you can order whatever you want – if you want beef, salmon, chicken, or turkey, you can pick and choose and have them prepare it for you right there.

How Can I Learn More About Otterbein SeniorLife Lebanon?

There’s a lot to see and explore on our campus. Download your free guide to living here to get started today. You’ll get a complete list of amenities, see a map, view sample floor plans, and more.

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