Behind the Scenes: Q&A With Otterbein Cridersville

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Note: This blog was originally published in March 2019. It has been updated in Feb. 2022 for content.

Are you unsure if a continuing care retirement community is right for you? Or maybe you’ve considered moving to an Otterbein SeniorLife CCRC, but still have questions.


Otterbein Cridersville’s Nicole Daniels, director of marketing, sat down to answer some of the top questions she gets from prospective residents.

Q: I’m not sure how to start downsizing. Where do I even begin?

A: One thing we do that’s really helpful and that people are so surprised about is helping people with moving. Everybody takes advantage of that — it takes some of the work out of organizing that move. We even offer an option to purchase the furniture in a staged home, which can lessen the hassle of moving. 

Still, while downsizing can be challenging, it’s more than possible! See our downsizing guide for tips on getting started.

Q: Is it really safe to move to a retirement community now? 

A: Everyone’s comfort level is different, so the final choice is always up to you. But know that we’re doing everything we can to keep our residents safe and healthy during this time. You can read more about our plan here.

On top of safety precautions, there are some benefits to living at a retirement community during this time.

  • The majority of our partners are vaccinated, and those who are unvaccinated are tested twice each week. Because we comply with all government regulations and mandates, you can feel safer about being around other residents and partners (employees) on campus.
  • Staying social is important, so we’re offering safe activities to keep you engaged and adding precautions as needed. 
  • We’re keeping all residents informed of what’s going on with the changing regulations. You can rest assured that we want all of our residents to stay as healthy and safe as possible. 

Q: I’m interested in one of your patio homes. What are they like?

A: Our patio homes are some of our most popular options and come in a variety of floor plans. You can get a look inside our featured home of the month for a sampling of what we offer by clicking on the link below.

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Q: I heard I have to make a large endowment to move into Otterbein. Is that true?

A: No — I think there’s still a misconception out there about this, but we don’t require a large endowment for you to move in. In reality, Otterbein Cridersville is affordable for most budgets.

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Q: Are there any hidden fees I’ll have to pay later on?

A: No. People think that there are extra costs on top. When we tell them the monthly rent includes all the amenities, they’re looking for that hidden catch. However, should you choose, there are optional services that can be added.

For example, if you want your laundry done, that’s an extra fee, but you don’t have to do that. You’ll always know what fees you’re paying, so you can avoid surprises.

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Q: How do I get involved at Otterbein?

A: We have so many different groups within the community. There are active residents participating in everything going on in the Life Enrichment Center; we have Bible studies, a library program, a resident volunteer program where you can help at the front desk… you can be as involved in our community as you always were.

Q: I don’t know anyone else at Otterbein. How can I meet people and make new friends?

A: You’re in luck — the Otterbein Ambassadors program should help. The Otterbein Ambassadors are a group of resident volunteers who assist our new residents in becoming acclimated to their new home and campus life.

Not only are they similar to the traditional “Welcome Wagon,” but they are also available to answer questions, accompany their new neighbor to activities, make introductions, and help you feel at home.

Q: What do most people think after moving to Otterbein?

A: About 90 percent of people will say, ‘I should have done this a long time ago. Why didn’t I do this 5 years ago?’ That’s a very common thing we hear.

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