Exploring Skilled Nursing and Memory Care at Otterbein Cridersville

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Similar to our SeniorLife Communities, Otterbein Cridersville offers skilled nursing care. Your loved ones will receive compassionate, person-centered care that is customized to meet the personal care needs of each elder.

Understanding what is offered in skilled nursing care can be a bit confusing. Let’s explore what this level of care looks like in our communities.

Understanding the Difference Between Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Care

It might be easiest to explain skilled nursing care by comparing it to assisted living. An individual that needs a helping hand with daily tasks such as getting dressed or bathing may be a good fit for assisted living. Someone who needs care at all hours of the day and into the night requires additional care that a skilled nursing team is trained to provide.

If a loved one often forgets to take medication or could benefit from support in organizing medications into a pill organizer, then assisted living could meet those needs with a medication reminder program. When it becomes too difficult for a person to administer those medications, it’s time to consider introducing skilled nursing care. 

Safety is a key focus to finding the appropriate level of care. When living in a private apartment with occasional supportive care (assisted living) isn’t enough, skilled nursing care is the next step to ensure needs are met and your loved one is living life with dignity and respect.

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Otterbein resident playing checkers with an Otterbein staff member.

Memory Care Programs at Otterbein Cridersville

What happens at Otterbein when your loved one is diagnosed with a form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s disease? Otterbein Cridersville, like all Otterbein SeniorLife communities, provides specialized activities in a safe, comfortable environment to reduce stress and anxiety and minimize symptoms. Elders receive ongoing assessments to ensure the right level of care, and a dedicated team leads with a calm, personalized approach to promote an active, independent lifestyle.

Memory care environments are designed to be comfortable and homey with fenced-in courtyards and meaningful activities specifically planned to meet individual interests. Otterbein offers a special program, called Milestones, to ensure the highest quality of care for residents with dementia.

Otterbein resident sitting outside next to an Otterbein staff member.

Key Components of Milestones at Otterbein

Milestones, a memory care program designed to provide individualized and holistic care for residents living with dementia, is offered at Otterbein Cridersville and all other SeniorLife Communities and SeniorLife Neighborhoods. 

Here’s a breakdown of the four main components of the Milestones program:

1. Comprehensive Education Program for Partners

The first part of the Milestones program is key to its success: educating all team members that provide care to residents with memory support needs. This education program examines the disease process of dementia and explores strategies to better understand resident needs.

2. In-Depth Assessment

An in-depth assessment of each resident is conducted to gather information about individual strengths, needs, and interests. This is an important step in ensuring a compassionate, person-centered care approach.

3. The Path to Well-Being

Once the assessment is complete, an individualized, action-specific plan is created that incorporates all nine degrees of wellness. The Path to Well-Being includes meaningful strategies that are incorporated into each resident’s plan of care and daily routine.

4. Extensive Programming 

The last component is the action of facilitating the individualized programs using an extensive resource library of engaging activities.

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Get Your Guide to Skilled Nursing Care

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