Benefits of a Winter Move to Senior Living

Posted on: January 27, 2022

Note: This blog was originally published in Nov. 2020. It has been updated in Jan. 2022 for content.

When the cold weather hits, many people stay indoors. After all, who wants to leave the comfort of a cozy home and go outside to face freezing temperatures and slippery sidewalks?

Not only does the winter season bring snow and icy conditions, but it also can affect how we feel. When we don’t want to leave the house, we may feel lonely or isolated from our loved ones.  

You may be wondering if now is the right time to make the move to senior living. Plus, with the world being in the middle of a global pandemic, is it even safe to move right now?

The answer is yes. Senior living communities can offer a wealth of benefits for older adults – from decreased fall risk to socialization activities. There is a lot that may impact a move to a senior living community when the weather gets colder. Read on to learn more.

Should I Move to a CCRC During Winter?

More than one in three people aged 65 and older falls each year, which could lead to even more serious problems, according to the National Institute on Aging.

One of the biggest opportunities of moving to a senior living community is not having to worry about the home maintenance that comes with the colder weather. For example, you wouldn’t have to worry about snow removal or even going out on the icy sidewalks and injuring yourself.

On a winter day, you’ll be able to come out onto a salted, shoveled sidewalk and not have to worry about slipping and falling. Communities like Otterbein take care of all the outside maintenance and cleanup. And if you would happen to be injured, you can rest assured that help is only moments away. 

Senior woman in denim jacket doing cardio drumming at Otterbein

Reduced Isolation With Social Activities, Transportation

In winter, we also tend to stay in our homes because it’s harder to get around and see other people. Winter can also bring emotional dangers, like increased depression because of social isolation.

But at senior living communities like Otterbein, transportation services and planned activities can help combat social isolation.

Opportunities like bus rides to the campus center building make Otterbein a more socially-friendly option. Otterbein’s independent living communities also feature a wealth of social activities for residents, plus opportunities like a men’s group meetup for coffee in the morning and wellness services.

At Otterbein, we’ve restructured how we run activities so they are safe, but still allow residents to socialize with others.

Going off-campus? We can also help residents arrange transportation for doctor’s appointments and other errands.

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Is it Safe to Move to Senior Living During COVID-19?

Yes – it is safe to move to a senior living community like Otterbein during COVID-19! Senior living communities are one of the safer places to be because of our COVID-19 testing and safety protocols.

At Otterbein, partners are tested multiple times per week, as well as skilled nursing and assisted living residents. Independent living residents are always welcome to get tested. Otterbein SeniorLife also screens everyone who enters the main building and requires masks unless a person is sitting down to have a meal.

Utilizing Technology to Connect Seniors, Families

Another benefit of moving to a senior living community is the help available, especially when it comes to connecting with family.

To help our residents keep in contact with those who are further away, we can assist with using technology like FaceTime, Google Duo, or Zoom.

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‘I Should Have Done This Sooner.”

Many people tend to wait too long before they move. But current residents nearly always say the same thing: “I wish had I had moved in sooner!” 

By moving into a senior living community early, you can take charge of your situation and ensure that your own wishes are carried out – not to mention all of the benefits mentioned above. At a senior living community, you’ll get to enjoy retirement your way. 

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