Green Thumbs Welcome at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: April 21, 2022

This blog was originally posted in November 2021. It was updated in March 2022.

Otterbein Granville residents who have a passion for gardening and landscaping may continue this activity all around the community. Their talents are quickly evident upon touring our campus — visitors are frequently amazed by the pops of color and the variety of plants and flowers on display.

All of our cottages, villas, and first-floor apartments are surrounded by landscaping beds, which residents can customize and make their own. Some of the residents enjoy not having the responsibility of taking care of their garden beds, but others have created unique, beautiful vistas for all to enjoy.

The front of the Boone's villa

Front view of Keith and Lyn B.’s villa

Creating a Bird Grotto at Otterbein Granville

Residents Keith and Lyn B. have always been garden enthusiasts, although Lyn is quick to clarify that Keith is the mastermind when it comes to all things gardening. Keith and Lyn knew they wanted to move to Otterbein Granville, but they were still a few years away from making that move when they received a call that would ultimately change their mind.

A villa became available with an abundance of landscaping beds, and possibilities to create more. They immediately loved the aesthetic and diversity of the environment and surrounding areas, and both decided they couldn’t pass up on this unique opportunity. 

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Upon moving to their new home, Keith’s ultimate goal was to enhance the environment around the villa to attract birds. Both he and Lyn wanted to entice new and returning species.

Since moving in, they have spent many hours creating their own “bird grotto” in their backyard. They created a safe space for birds that provides them with food and water.

One day, they observed 25 different species of birds and six of the seven types of woodpeckers native to Ohio. Keith and Lyn both love being able to sit in their three-seasons room and enjoy the fruits of their labor. And they particularly enjoy that everyone who uses the walking path behind their home can witness the birds and lush landscape as well.

The "bird grotto"

The “bird grotto”

The "bird grotto"

Adding Beauty for All to Enjoy at Otterbein

When you travel along the main road as you enter campus, you’ll likely notice our two-story apartment building. At the end of the apartment building sits a breathtaking garden that will most certainly catch your eye.

Resident Becky D. is responsible for creating and maintaining the beautiful area that most everyone stops to admire on their way past. Before moving to Otterbein Granville, Becky didn’t have a great interest in doing her own gardening — instead, she hired a company to help her.

Upon moving to her apartment at Otterbein, the company she had used previously said they couldn’t continue to provide services for her due to the small size of the outdoor space. Becky didn’t share the same sentiment and took it upon herself to make it a beautiful garden for all to enjoy.

From the gorgeous pops of color to the varying heights and the unusual rocks she had discovered many years ago, there is always something new to discover. Becky also enjoys proudly flying the flag of her home state of Michigan — it has become a conversation piece for many of her garden’s admirers. 

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Discover Otterbein Granville

As an accredited Level One Arboretum, the grounds of Otterbein Granville are always a glorious sight to see. There are numerous residents who use their green thumbs to help enhance the beauty of the community.

It’s worth the trip to come to our community, drive around, and see for yourself all the hard work that has gone into the community our residents call home. Learn more about Otterbein Granville by clicking the link below.

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