How Many Ways Can You Use a Sunroom? Otterbein Granville Residents Share Their Ideas

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Imagine a place you can go any time of the day or year ― where you can enjoy a spectacular view in any season. A place where you can get lost in a favorite hobby, enjoy fellowship with friends, or just simply be.

For many Otterbein Granville residents, this place is none other than their sunroom, also known as a three-season room. In the video below, several residents share how they use their sunroom, as well as a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery around them.

So how many ways can you use a sunroom? Read on to see how our residents answer this question.

Living Area

“I live in my sunroom, 12 months a year.”

I live in my sunroom 12 months a year.

Believe it or not, some residents actually spend more time in their sunroom than any other room in their apartment ― for real. It has become their primary living area, their sanctuary in a sense.

“We four live out here almost year-round,” said resident Christie V. about her sunroom, which she shares with her partner Carol D. and their pets, Emma and Lily. “We love, love, love this space. It was a real draw when we were looking to come here.”

Art Studio

“What an artist wants.”

Sunroom at Otterbein Granville that is used as an art studio

With wall-to-wall windows, a sunroom can also make for a great art studio. No matter what kind of medium you prefer ― painting, sketching, or something else ― a three-season room is just the right size and can provide the type of lighting you need.

“It works really well because the light is excellent. It’s a north light, which is what an artist wants,” said resident Jane H. “A north light stays consistent. It doesn’t switch around.”

Office/Study (or Cat Condo?)

“My cat thinks it belongs to her…”

Otterbein Granville resident and her cat together in the the sunroom she uses as a den to do office work.

There’s plenty of room for a desk and some bookshelves in any sunroom at Otterbein Granville, and the abundant sunlight can make doing office work more enjoyable. Of course, it can also double as a favorite lounging spot for your feline friends (or canine companions, too).

“Obviously, my cat thinks it belongs to her, and she lets me use it as a den to do some office work,” says resident Joan N.

Garden Viewing Room

Sunroom at Otterbein Granville that has a perfect view of the garden.

Otterbein Granville is home to several avid gardeners, and surrounding your sunroom with lovely flora makes it the perfect place to stop and smell the roses ― literally.

“It’s a fun thing to do, and I’m not quite an expert at it but enjoy it anyway,” said resident John H. “I think it’s a good hobby to continue on even in retirement.”

Observation Tower

“We have a bird’s eye view.”

Sunroom at Otterbein Granville that has a perfect view to see all that is going on.

For those who like to keep tabs on the neighborhood and what’s going on, a sunroom is great for people watching and observing nature’s handiwork.

“We have a bird’s eye view. We know who’s going up and down the walk or up and down the road, and we try to keep track of everybody,” said residents Rich and Judy C. with a chuckle.

Want to See for Yourself? Come Visit Our Marketing Sunroom

“We would love to welcome you for a visit!”

Sunroom at Otterbein Granville that is used by the marketing team to meet with prospective residents and have a beautiful space to talk and answer questions.

Located in the main building at the heart of the Otterbein Granville campus, our marketing department has its very own sunroom, too. In fact, it’s one of the first places we like to show our visitors.

“The way that we like to use our three-season room is to meet with prospective residents and potentially their families and just have a beautiful space to be able to talk more about our community and answer any questions that they have too,” said Courtney Pastor, Assistant Director of Sales & Marketing.


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