How We Found the Right Senior Living Community for Us

Posted on: November 30, 2022

Roxie H. and her husband began to consider a move to senior living in 2017. They found that their home of 25 years was too large for them, and the maintenance was more than they could handle. When they decided to move to a retirement community, they created a detailed checklist to help guide them in their search.

Watch the video and read the blog to learn how Roxie and her husband’s checklist helped them mutually decide to move to Fieldstone Villas at Otterbein Sunset Village.

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Determining What Is Most Important to You

Before Roxie and her husband finalized their checklist, they thought about what was most important to them. One of their priorities was remaining close to family and friends. They also wanted to be near medical facilities, entertainment, and shopping.

After visiting Otterbein Sunset Village, they realized other things that were meaningful to them.

“We loved the expansiveness of it,” said Roxie. “We loved the setting. We loved the management. We loved the choice of different styles and types of villas that were available to us.”

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Exploring Continuing Care Options

Another aspect that Roxie and her husband felt was essential to their search was finding a community with continuing care for changing healthcare needs. After they moved to Fieldstone Villas, they were grateful for the on-campus support care levels Otterbein Sunset Village offered.

“My husband had an illness after living with me in the villa for about four years,” said Roxie. “He went over to [Otterbein] Sunset Village and into the Ashanti Hospice there.”

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Knowing Roxie’s husband was nearby and receiving the care he needed was very comforting to her.

“I could go any time of day or night and visit with him or stay with him,” said Roxie. “That was very comforting for me to know that if and when that occurred, it gave me peace of mind.”

Discovering Activities and Social Opportunities

Otterbein Sunset Village Residents playing a game together in the clubhouse.

Another important area to consider in your search for a senior living community is the on-campus activities and amenities. Consider the things you enjoy doing and what experiences you’d like to try for the first time.

“We have many activities at our clubhouse,” said Roxie. “We have a swimming pool where we have aerobic exercise and can swim at our own pleasure. And we have a gym that is fully-equipped — that would probably compete with any gym that you would see on the outside.”

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Fieldstone Villas is expanding the number of villas in the community. Roxie and her neighbors are looking forward to new friendships.

“What I’m really excited about are the new people that will join our community,” said Roxie. “The new neighbors will join us in our activities and bring their strengths and talents into our community.”

Finding the Right Fit For You

If you’re considering moving to a senior living community, following a checklist of what’s most important to you may make your decision easier. Roxie and her husband worked together to find a place that checked all their boxes and felt like home.

“My advice would be to start early. Prepare a list of what’s important to you, and then tour all those facilities, ask lots of questions, and invite your children to join you on those visits,” said Roxie.

Roxie was gracious enough to share the checklist she and her husband created with others going through a similar process. Click the button below to request your copy.


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