Name That Tune at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: November 7, 2022

Kathie H Resident Blogger

By Otterbein Granville resident Kathie H.

The grandfather clock at Otterbein GranvilleLike our grandfather clock whose Westminster chimes ring out with great familiarity, so the resident names most often intoned in the hallways and meeting spaces of Otterbein Granville have a similar sonority. 

Listen for the plethora of Janes, the many Barbaras, quite a few Pats — yet only one Polly. And the ladies’ names turn up most often in musical tributes, possibly a throwback to the days of choral entreaties below balconies. 

This was perhaps also back when wooing a lady with a serenade was an impressive way to win approval, if not a long-term commitment. Even in 2022, Ultimate Guitar suggests that the key to a girl’s heart is the song with her name in the title.  

Songs Inspired by Romantic Feelings and Love Stories

Music has always been a great way to express emotions, especially romantic feelings. Whether you sing, play an instrument, or have a handy connection to Pandora on your cell phone, there is no shortage of tunes and lyrics for the gal in your life. 

The alphabet is covered from Abby to Zuzu, with Jenny, Mary, Susan, Sylvia, and Yvonne in between. Some notable favorites through the years have been Annie’s Song (John Denver), Billie Jean (Michael Jackson), and Cecilia (Simon and Garfunkel) — just to get you started on an ABC of memories.

A recent perusal of “oldies” for piano repertoire brought some forgotten names back into a comfortable decibel range. A few that might ring a bell, or at least bring a smile, include: 

  • Peg-O-My-Heart
  • Aura Lee
  • Sweet Adeline
  • Tootsie
  • L’il Liza Jane
  • My Darling Clementine
  • Charmaine
  • Ramona 
  • Ida (Sweet as Apple Cider)

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Fond Memories and Camaraderie at Otterbein Granville

I have memories of my dad crooning a bedtime lullaby of “I’ll take you home again, Kathleen,” always followed by the Wiffenpoof Song. What are your musical memories? Is your name referenced in a song lyric? Polly Wolly Doodle is not the most romantic gesture, but it feels fun on the tongue.

Polly Wolly Doodle sheet music

Resident Amanda P. has been offering her musical talents in the main lobby at Otterbein Granville on Saturday afternoons. She plays piano with grace and gusto, offering a pre-dinner menu of singable favorites. 

The folks gathered enthusiastically join in, an especially wonderful opportunity for those in assisted living. A relaxed and fruitful hour from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m. is full of foot tapping, smiles, joyful camaraderie, and healthy rejuvenation. 

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Otterbein Granville resident playing the piano

Benefits of Music for Seniors

Research shows that music activities (both music listening and music making) can influence older adults’ perceptions about the quality of their lives. 

A significant benefit of music for seniors is its almost magical ability to improve memory. Specifically, music can stimulate feelings of well-being by evoking strong memories and emotions. 

Name That Tune Game

Just for fun, see if you can supply the girl’s name in the title of the following song lyrics:

  1. ….., ……, give me your answer, do, I’m half crazy all for the love of you.
  2. My .…. lies over the ocean,  my …… lies over the sea,….
  3. Oh, ………., O don’t you cry for me. I come from Alabama with my banjo on my knee, I’m goin’ to Lousiana my true love for to see.
  4. K-K-K ……, beautiful ….., you’re the only g-g-g-girl that I adore.
  5. Sweet ….. O’……., My dear little …….  She’s my steady lady, Most everyone knows.

Come join the casual chorus on Saturday afternoons to refresh your memory of these and many more sing-along favorites. And if you don’t sing? Foot tapping is always encouraged and welcomed.

Name That Tune Answer Key

  1. Daisy, Daisy….  
  2. My Bonnie…, my Bonnie  
  3. Oh, Susanna… 
  4. K-K-K Katy, beautiful Katy… 
  5. Sweet Rosie O’Grady, my dear little rose….

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