Otterbein Granville Walk Against Cancer

Posted on: October 31, 2022

Larry M. resident blogger

Contributed by Otterbein Granville resident Larry M.

The Otterbein Granville Wellness Committee strives to emphasize health issues and raise support for the variety of issues often confronting senior residents. At the September meeting, it was noted that the walk against ovarian cancer usually takes place in the middle of the month.

Discussion ensued and the committee thought that a neighborhood walk might be scheduled to replace the COVID-canceled walk that would normally take place in Columbus. As we began to plan for a walk, others mentioned the many residents who were survivors of different kinds of cancer. Thus, our quickly developing walk plans were modified to include tributes to all fighting any kind of cancer, remembrances of those strong warriors who fought cancer and were now at their peace, and sincere love and respect for the many, many caregivers who walked with their loved ones.

On Sunday afternoon, Oct. 2, 2022, 64 walkers gathered to walk the three-kilometer route to honor all the individuals, families, and friends impacted by cancer. As they walked, people shared stories about their loved ones and buoyed the hopes and memories of one another.

2022 Walk Against Cancer Event

Many had made contributions to the cancer agencies that were associated with the kinds of cancer that had impacted their lives. Among the agencies receiving contributions were the Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio, The Stephanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center, The V Foundation For Cancer Research, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, the American Cancer Society, Zerocancer, American Lung Association, and Ohio Cancer Research.

After a few opening remarks, the walkers began their tribute walk with the following poem by Kimberly Rinehart ringing in their ears:

I walk
because someone dear to me
has been touched by cancer.
I walk
because I care.
I walk
to honor those who no longer can.
I run
because it’s one small thing I can do
to make a difference.
I can give someone the courage to go on.
I run
because I love someone
who is my inspiration –
A living example of faith and strength.
I walk
because I miss someone dearly
who would surely walk for me.
I walk
because I believe,
I believe in a cure
that will one day let millions to continue
to walk and run and live and love.
I walk
because I believe in surviving.
I believe in a cure.

Otterbein Granville Walk Against CancerOtterbein Granville Walk Against CancerOtterbein Granville Walk Against Cancer

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