Safe Haven: COVID Safety at Otterbein Lebanon

Posted on: March 17, 2023

In a time of uncertainty and fear caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Otterbein has been a safe haven for residents and has put them at ease with well-organized, well-implemented safety measures.

From our residents’ perspective, the way Otterbein has handled COVID safety has been virtually seamless. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts.

Administering the COVID Vaccine

At Otterbein SeniorLife Lebanon, administrators put careful thought and planning into their on-site vaccination clinics. It certainly showed when it came time to start administering the COVID vaccine to residents and partners.

“They had it very much together,” said Otterbein Lebanon resident Jane M. “There was no waiting, and they had it all in order. They really did it nicely.”

Otterbein organized residents by court or area and assigned a date and time for each group to come to the on-site clinic to receive their vaccines. After receiving the shot, residents were required to sit down in another part of the room for 15 minutes – a precautionary measure in the event that they had an unusual reaction to the vaccine.

“I was so impressed with the organization of this place,” resident Sandy B. said. “I really applaud [vaccination distributor] Walgreens and Otterbein, the way they did things.”

During a typical vaccination clinic day, hundreds of residents and partners received their shots.

Sustaining the Otterbein Community

Throughout the pandemic, Otterbein has made every decision with an overabundance of caution while also maintaining a caring, empathetic attitude towards residents.

Here are some examples of how Otterbein Lebanon has sustained its community throughout the past year:

  • 10,000 meals delivered
  • 1,000 vaccinations administered
  • Hundreds of grocery orders delivered

Resident Bonnie B. said, “They have come up with some good ideas to keep people active.” Socially-distanced outdoor activities and televised programming are just a few ways residents have been able to stay engaged while being safe.

Returning to (New) Normal

While life may never be exactly as it was before the pandemic, things are on the right track to move toward a new normal.

Otterbein continues to monitor the status of the pandemic and is following all state and national recommendations, including the CDC’s newly released guidelines for those who have been fully vaccinated. As a result, in-person visitations are beginning to resume at Otterbein locations.

“I’ve always felt safe here on the campus, even with COVID,” said resident Jane M., echoing the same thoughts as many other residents.

Now, one year after the pandemic began, the Otterbein SeniorLife community is breathing a collective sigh of relief. For Otterbein staff and partners, the fact that residents have protection and peace of mind makes the difficulties of the past year worthwhile.

For updates, visit the Otterbein’s Response to the COVID-19 Virus page.