See What Makes a SeniorLife Neighborhood So Special

Posted on: August 28, 2023

What do you think of first when you hear “skilled nursing”?

If sterile hallways and impersonal care come to mind, you might be surprised to learn that there’s another option. Our Otterbein SeniorLife Neighborhoods combine the comfort and familiarity of home with expert skilled nursing and rehabilitation services.

Skilled Nursing & Rehab at Otterbein

We believe the best place for people to live and recover is at home. Sometimes that’s not an option, but our SeniorLife Neighborhoods could be the next best thing.

Our skilled nursing and rehab neighborhoods are groups of five homes on cul-de-sacs in established residential areas. Each home features 12 rooms with private baths, a communal kitchen and living room, and a secure backyard patio. This isn’t just a place where our elders stay – it’s their home.

How do we do it? We give our elders the power of choice. When to get up, what and when to eat, how to spend the day – these are all choices our elders are free to make on their own, just like at home. There are no rigid schedules or strict mealtimes; instead, independence is key.

Elders also have access to 24-hour care from a small team of licensed nurses, nursing assistants, and therapists. There’s also the emergency call system. Elders may be living here on a permanent basis, or temporarily for rehabilitation after an injury or illness. Either way, they’re treated as part of the Otterbein family.


Daily Life at the New Albany Small House Neighborhood

Part of what sets us apart is the freedom elders experience at our Small House Neighborhoods. If they usually get up at 5 a.m. and have breakfast, there’s no reason they can’t keep doing that. If they want to have family over for dinner and enjoy a favorite recipe, they can do that, too.

Laundry is done separately. Medications are kept in cabinets in each elder’s room. Caregivers don’t stay behind a nurse’s station, but move and interact with elders throughout the day. And a smaller staff means caregivers will get to know elders better. Elders set the pace of the day for caregivers, not the other way around.

Because each elder has a private suite with a bathroom, they’re free to customize the paint and decor as they wish. They can even control the temperature of each room individually.

At mealtimes, elders eat together at the family-style table in the dining room. Meals are prepared to suit each person’s needs, so there’s no one-size-fits-all menu. And visiting family members are welcome to join the elders for a meal.

Rehabilitation and Care at Otterbein New Albany

Therapy at our Small House Neighborhoods is an ongoing process. Both long-term elders and guests who are staying for rehabilitation receive therapy in the real-life setting of the small house.

Therapists promote the current abilities of elders as well as work with them individually to improve their day-to-day life function. Elders typically work with the same therapists each day and address issues like eating, getting dressed, moving, and more.

With our low rehospitalization rate, rehabilitation guests have a low chance of being sent back to the hospital for the same reason they were admitted. 

Small House…Big Difference at Otterbein

Ready to learn more about our Small House Neighborhoods? Download our Small House…Big Difference guide to discover what else sets us apart from a traditional nursing home.

Small House, Big Difference Guide