Sounds of the Seasons

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Otterbein Granville Resident Tom G. describes how the sounds outside his apartment change as the seasons cycle through the year.

We all enjoy the sights of the seasons, especially the Christmas and Hanukkah season, but have we ever become sensitive to the sounds of the four seasons at Otterbein Granville?

As we look out the window of our apartment, my wife, Myra, and I hear the sound of our snowplows as they scrape off the new-fallen snow and the accumulation of ice on our streets and sidewalks. The trucks with their attached blades can be heard working to and fro on the streets, while the little John Deere Gator has been assigned to keep our walks clear.

Soon (hopefully) it will be the season of spring and the sound of showers will be heard slapping our windowpanes, perhaps preceded by lightning and a startling clap of thunder.

These spring showers will herald the coming of summer, and evidence of new growth will be in our midst in the form of sprouting plants and green lawns. Lawnmowers can be heard as they clatter and hum to keep up with this growth of grasses and lawns.

Finally, as we enter the fall season, strong winds will howl against our homes, bringing with them the swish of leaves only to be corralled by the scratching of rakes and the hum of leaf blowers.

These are the sounds of the seasons which signal our ever-changing environment here at Otterbein Granville. It is our good fortune to have staff and residents whose task is to oversee this continuous cycle of our lives.

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