Why Our Family Chose Otterbein: Irene and Ann

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Ann’s mother Irene moved into an assisted living apartment at Otterbein St. Marys just over a year ago – and she says her mother’s quality of life is the best it’s been in years.

“Mom has adjusted really well,” said Ann. “In fact, she gained 20 pounds just a few months after living here and got back to her original weight.” 

Choosing Otterbein St. Marys

Ann and her family are from the St. Marys area originally, so she says they’ve always known about the Otterbein campus there. 

“Over the years we’ve had a lot of friends and family come out here [to Otterbein], and everybody’s had a great experience,” she said. 

Ann said her parents began planning their move to Otterbein after they had both turned 90. They were able to stay in their home for several more years with the help of a home care service, and after Ann’s father passed away, Irene moved into an assisted living apartment on campus.

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Benefits of Living at Otterbein

Ann says she never has to worry about her mother’s safety and care at Otterbein, even though she now lives across the country.

“They can come help anytime with things like physical therapy,” she said. “And there’s something going on every day here – that’s what I love about Otterbein.” OSL_IreneM_0719-3

Irene said she’s also enjoying the opportunities to stay active and get to know others on campus. 

“I always like the bus rides, and the flexibility of being able to go to church services,” she said. “And working on the blanket project – I’ve done that a couple of times. I try to attend the programs they have here.” 

The “blanket project” – formally known as My Very Own Blanket – began in 2011 at Otterbein St. Marys. Since then, Otterbein residents have created more than 2,000 blankets for children in foster care. 

When her mother isn’t taking part in any of those activities, Ann said she loves to exercise.

She added that choosing Otterbein was, for both her and her mother, unquestionably the right decision. 

“I can’t say enough about the place,” she said. 

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