Lifelong Learning at Otterbein Granville

Take College Courses, Attend Concerts, Interact with Students, and More

Otterbein Granville shares a special bond with nearby Denison University. In fact, Denison alumni helped start our community in 1996, and the land on which the campus is built was Denison property.

Since then, the connection between Otterbein Granville and Denison has benefited both communities. Our residents attend on-campus:

  • Lectures
  • Concerts
  • Plays
  • Athletic events

Members of the Denison administration and alumni sit on the board of Otterbein Granville, and our residents support Denison as well. We enjoy hosting students and faculty in the Community Center for lectures, workshops, and other special events.

Otterbein Granville and Denison University Partnership

Community Scholar Program at Denison

The Community Scholar Program opens Denison’s classes to our residents. Community scholars can enroll in one non-credit course per semester, and there is no limit to the number of semesters for which a scholar may enroll.

Through this program, our residents have taken courses such as:

  • Music Theory
  • Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • The History of Psychology
  • German
  • Macroeconomics
  • Ceramics
  • Painting

Suzuki Seniors Music Program

Late violinist Dr. Shinichi Suzuki developed the Suzuki method in the 1960s. Because the unique approach focuses on ear training rather than note reading, it’s commonly used with young children and can also be adapted for use by beginners of all ages.

In collaboration with a resident committee, the Denison University faculty helped design and launch a similar Suzuki program in April 2023 at Otterbein Granville called Suzuki Seniors.

Using the Suzuki method, experienced Denison instructors meet with small groups or individual residents interested in learning how to play an instrument, including the cello, violin, piano, and flute. Residents participate in four-month terms and can choose to continue lessons each term when new residents are also invited to join the program.

Otterbein Granville Artist-In-Residence Program

In partnership with Denison University, Otterbein Granville hosts a Denison student studying fine arts to live, engage, and immerse themselves in the life plan community’s culture. The artist-in-residence students bring new enthusiasm and energy to the campus while also learning from numerous resident mentors in this invaluable intergenerational experience.

The artist-in-residence summer program further strengthens the ties between Otterbein Granville and Denison University. Both value lifelong learning, sustainability, strong relationships, and helping others reach their full potential. Many of our residents are Denison alumni, retired staff, and emeritus faculty.

Artist-In-Residence Participants:

  • 2018: Harrison Ponce – Music Performance/ Chemistry double major
  • 2019: Lexie Dungan – Animation, Comics, and Installation Art
  • 2019: Amanda Modelski – Creative Writing, Piano, and Painting
  • 2021: Teddy Reedy – Music Composition/ Guitar
  • 2022: KT Amrine – Creative Writing/ Violin
  • 2022: Lily Thomas – Visual Arts, including painting and calligraphy
  • 2023: Abby Conturo – Visual Arts, including painting and printmaking
  • 2023: Isabelle Monyak – Exhibition Design, Visual Arts including charcoal drawing

Other Lifelong Learning Opportunities

Otterbein Granville’s connections with The Ohio State University-Newark and Central Ohio Technical College in nearby Newark also open up opportunities for our residents and partners.

Learning extends beyond the area’s colleges. Otterbein’s Speaker Series taps into expertise across the region. Residents are fully engaged as lifelong learners through:

  • Book clubs
  • Poetry groups
  • Art workshops
  • And more