4 Reasons Now Is the Right Time for a Move to Otterbein

Posted on: June 4, 2024

Many older adults may wonder why you’d consider moving if you’re in good health and happy in your current home. 

Future planning may be the last thing on your mind, but why not take advantage of your current good health to decide how you want to spend your retirement years? 

Considering a move to a life plan community is an option for those who want peace of mind about their future care needs. But even if those needs are a long way off, a life plan community can offer a number of benefits for a younger retiree. Read on to learn more about some of the top reasons you may want to consider a move sooner, rather than later! 

1. You get to make your own choices about where and how you live. 

At a younger age, you’ll have full autonomy in deciding when, where, and how you move. Waiting until a health event or other crisis happens can mean you may need to rush your decision, or leave it up to someone else. 

“Planning for the future is not a bad thing. Easier, of course, to stay in one’s home and hope for the best. But realistically, the best doesn’t last,” says Mary Ellen H., a current Otterbein Granville resident. 

“Isn’t it better to choose than have someone else choose for you? And to choose while you are still able to make your own decisions and even enjoy life while you can, with the difficult decisions out of the way.”

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2. You can fully participate in as many — or as few — activities as you want.

Otterbein Granville resident in the ceramics studio

At Otterbein Granville, the list of activities and amenities is long — and always getting longer! Here’s a sampling of the things our residents can choose from:

Otterbein Granville resident Lyn B. Quote

In addition, as a resident-driven community, our residents create and facilitate their own activity programming and special events. Over 30 resident-run committees ranging from entertainment and movies to philanthropy and bible study combine to create an inclusive culture where differences are celebrated, and individual interests and personalities are valued.

3. Your transition will likely be easier now than in the future. 

Moving at a younger age can make the transition easier both physically and emotionally. Adapting to new environments is often more challenging as we grow older. 

If you’re concerned about the work of downsizing, cleaning, and the move itself, know that there are plenty of resources to support you in your journey. Senior move managers can help you plan and pack. And at Otterbein, we’re here to help you through every step of the move. 

4. You’ll gain peace of mind about current and future needs. 

Are home maintenance chores and tasks weighing you down? Tired of cooking, cleaning, or driving yourself to appointments? We can help! 

Otterbein Granville is a maintenance-free community, which means we handle lawn care, snow removal, and interior repairs as needed. You’ll also have access to our dining room with chef-prepared meals and other amenities right on campus.

Finally, you’ll find a comprehensive health care program on campus, with fitness and wellness programs, physician services, therapies, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support, and long-term nursing care.

Ready to Learn More? 

The best way to experience Otterbein Granville for yourself is by visiting our community. We can customize your visit to explore the places and cover the topics that matter most to you. You can even enjoy a night — or several — experiencing the community via our Try It Stay program

Learn more about our community and hear what you can expect when you schedule a visit. 

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