A Tale of Two Sisters: Meet Sandy and Judy [Video]

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Sisters Sandy P. and Judy H. were inseparable growing up, and they still are years later. Hear about their bond and life at Otterbein St. Marys in this video.

Meet the Sisters: Sandy P. and Judy H.

“She’s very loving and kind and she helps me anytime I ask, or sometimes, I don’t even have to,” said Sandy of her sister Judy.

They may not be twins, but their mother sometimes dressed them up in the same outfits — something they had fun with growing up.

“As kids, we were close,” Sandy added.

“She’s just a good person. She believes in God like I do; our religions are a little different, but it’s not that much really,” Sally said of Judy. “I just love her.”

As much as she likes living at Otterbein St. Marys, Judy said she wouldn’t have chosen to live here if it hadn’t been for Sandy being there.

“I don’t make friends quickly; for me, that takes time,” added Judy, who previously lived in Dallas, Texas. “But I already had her, so that’s a good thing.”

Sisters Sandy and Judy on a pontoon ride.

Enjoying the Amenities at Otterbein St. Marys

Sandy and Judy like to travel on the bus trips through Otterbein St. Marys, and they said they also especially enjoy riding on the community’s pontoon boat.

“We love the pontoon boat rides,” Sandy said. “In the summertime, we do quite a bit of that!”

She added she loves living in the community, but having her sister there makes it even more special.

“I love it here, I always have, but I just feel so much better since she’s been here,” she said. “She helps me a lot.”

She noted Judy will help take her to different places because Judy prefers to drive, and she’s very grateful for her sister.

“It’s just been a blessing to have her, and that’s just the way I feel about it,” Sandy added.

Experience Life at Otterbein St. Marys

Whether you enjoy taking pontoon boat rides in the summer, swimming in the pool at the Life Enrichment Center, or exploring your creative side, there’s something for everyone (and every budget) at Otterbein St. Marys.

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