An Outpatient Therapy Journey at Otterbein Cridersville

Posted on: April 21, 2022

When Bev C.’s surgeon told her she needed to have hip replacement surgery, she knew exactly where she was heading afterward for physical therapy: Otterbein Cridersville. And knowing she’d be in great hands brought her peace of mind going into surgery.

Otterbein Cridersville: All in the Family

Bev and her husband were familiar with the Otterbein Cridersville campus and staff because they had previously participated in non-resident bus trips and attended a variety of programs and social events at the community.

Bev’s daughter, Nicole Daniels, is also the director of marketing at Otterbein Cridersville.

“Nicole loves it there. This is where she is supposed to be. She started as a sales counselor and has worked her way up to the director role,” said Bev. “The residents think the world of her.”

When Bev knew she had to have her hip replaced, it was almost a given that she would receive therapy services at Otterbein Cridersville. 

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Otterbein Cridersville Marketing Director Nicole Daniels and her mother, Bev C.

Bev’s Journey with Outpatient Physical Therapy

After her outpatient hip replacement surgery, Bev was discharged to her home the same day. 

“They give you one day to rest, then you’re off to therapy,” added Bev.

Bev received outpatient physical therapy services at Otterbein Cridersville three days each week for nearly two months. 

“The physical therapist was diligent with the exercises and always picked up where we left off,” said Bev. “I could actually feel my hip getting stronger.”

Bev explained that the physical therapist would start slowly and work up to more difficult exercises as the weeks continued. 

“They do care how you’re progressing, and they tweak accordingly,” said Bev. “They always want you to do your best, and they understand how you feel.”

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Therapist and resident performing an exercise.

Bev also observed the therapy team’s interactions with Otterbein residents while participating in her therapy sessions.

“It wasn’t just me that they treated well — they treated everyone well, including the residents,” said Bev. “They had the same great attitude and provided the same great care.” 

Preparing to go into surgery to replace her other hip, Bev feels more at ease knowing that she’ll receive exceptional care at Otterbein.

“When you leave, you feel glad you went,” she said.

Post-Acute Care and Rehabilitation at Otterbein

You’ll find post-acute care and rehabilitation services at numerous Otterbein locations. If you need therapy after a surgery, illness, or unexpected injury, we’ve got you covered! Our post-acute care team offers professional and compassionate care personalized to each individual.

Here are some of the post-acute therapies and services provided at Otterbein:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Respiratory care
  • Intravenous therapy
  • Wound care management

Outpatient therapy equipment.

Is an Otterbein Post-Acute Care Center Available Near Me?

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