Blessing the Animals at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: June 4, 2024

Kathie H Resident Blogger

By Otterbein Granville resident Kathie H.

Every Sunday afternoon at Otterbein Granville, there is an opportunity to attend a gathering for worship led by one of the clergy leaders from the Granville Village churches. On October 1, the weather cooperated, and instead of meeting indoors, the open-air inner courtyard was the perfect location for a special experience of fellowship and blessing.

Pet Blessing Program

The Story of St. Francis and an Altar of Remembrance

Led by St. Luke’s Episcopal priest Elizabeth Hoster and her assistants, participants were invited to remember the story of Saint Francis, whose relationships with animals and all of nature are legendary and inspirational.

St. Luke’s Episcopal priest Elizabeth Hoster

There was an altar of remembrance where photos of past pets were shared. Fond memories verbalized and a few tears shed reminded us of the meaningful connections we develop with our animal companions.

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The Blessing of the Animals

The altar also held a blessing collar tag for each animal and a choice of generous treats as each animal was honored one by one. 

From tiny to large, black to white, shy to barky, the diversity of doggy presence brought smiles and appreciation to all who attended an event celebrating the Otterbein Granville community’s spirit of togetherness and friendship

Canine and Feline Residents — Part of the Community

Pet Resident

The canine and feline residents of Otterbein Granville become beloved by the whole community, often with greetings by name in passing on a walking trail or even enjoying meals on the patio with a patient, well-behaved pup alongside her owner’s chair. 

In our monthly Tower Lines newsletter, we are introduced to newly arrived animal residents by Ellen R., a long-time lover of animals and, clearly, one who learned their language. She interviews each new pup or kitty and shares their sometimes-surprising revelations with eager readers.

Instruments of Peace and Pillars of Light

Statue of St. FrancisThe program closed with the well-known prayer of St. Francis that reminds us to be instruments of peace, to sow hope, share light and joy, seek to understand, learn to love and forgive, and experience the blessing ourselves of giving with generous hearts. 

On a campus tour through the villas, cottages, and apartment gardens, you might also notice a few statues of St. Francis.

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