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Posted on: June 4, 2024

Mary Ellen, Resident Blogger

By Otterbein Granville resident Mary Ellen H.

I am the laziest person on earth. 

When I went for therapy after a total knee replacement (that’s TKR for cool people), the therapist asked what I wanted to be able to do now that I had a new knee. My mouth dropped open and stayed there. (That’s my new look for old age…very in, I am told. I work on it.)

“So, what do you like to do?” asked Ian, the sweet unfortunate who was just beginning to realize what his latest challenge would entail. 

“I like crosswords and reading.” I knew that was the wrong answer, but nuns taught me never to lie. (The same nuns let me skip gym; they never checked the stalls.)

Gaining New Motivation to Exercise More

Over the years, and there have been a considerable number of them, I have been motivated by guilt, shame, peer pressure, and panic to try exercise. I have been a teenage, middle-aged, and old-age dropout. 

Since moving to Otterbein Granville, I have, however, begun to move. A bit. 

I’ve attended classes, not as many as at first, but enough that I know about all of them except the ones that involve getting on and off the floor. 

Although water movement is the most fun and cardio is the best workout, I have settled on Chair Yoga as the most necessary. Preferably the class that meets at 11, not 9. Have I mentioned that I am the laziest person on earth? 

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Discovering Chair Yoga at Otterbein Granville

Now, about Yoga, in a chair. It’s not nearly as pitiful as it sounds. Apparently, it is unnecessary to be a pretzel to benefit from yoga. Stretching. That’s the key. Lots of breathing and stretching. Modified versions of what the real yogis do. 

Terms like “downward dog,” “cat,” and even “cow” are bandied about and make us feel genuine, but I just follow the instructor, who could obviously pretzelize if she chose. But she is modest.

This is the first time I have stuck with anything, and looked forward to returning. The teacher is kind and offers modifications. My classmates are not showing off their latest pretzelini moves. 

And the best part: I just plain feel better afterward. Not humiliated, pitiful, or shamed. Just better. 

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Appreciating the Wellness Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Steve in the GymExercise at Otterbein Granville is different for several reasons: one does not have to travel far (some of my classmates live “upstairs”); we are never castigated for absences or lateness; we are never called out by name for ineptitude; and we are accepted for exactly who we are at this place and time. 

And did I mention how good I feel at the end? I have even learned to sit still and meditate a bit in silence.  

The gym is there for those who want it, therapy is available for those who need it, and there are several classes five days a week for those who want them. 

I’m working up to more movement and more consistency, but for right now, the laziest person on earth is happy with Chair Yoga. 

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