Joining the Priority List at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: July 13, 2023

By Derik Kroeze, Director Of Sales and Marketing

Otterbein Granville is a Life Plan Community (also known as a continuing care retirement community), with the key word being “plan.” Uncertainty about the future can be stressful for everyone, but having a plan in place can bring peace of mind.

For the residents of Otterbein Granville, they enjoy knowing that higher levels of care will be available to them right on campus should they ever need them. For prospective residents who are considering Otterbein Granville, there is the Priority List.

When you join the Priority List, you are added to a list to be notified about upcoming availability before the rest of our prospective residents. Availability at Otterbein Granville has become extremely limited over the past year, and joining the Priority List is the only way to ensure you find the home that is right for you.

Two Options: Active Member vs. Inactive Member

You can choose whether you would like to be an “active” member of our list or an “inactive” member.

Active Member

If you choose to be an Active member, you have determined that you are considering a move within the next year and that you would like to be called as homes become available. When a particular residence comes available, the marketing team calls the first “active” member on the Priority List who has indicated they would like that floor plan. If they decide it is not the right time for them to move, we simply go to the next person on the list. Active members will only be offered three (3) residences before being moved to the bottom of the Active Priority List. Starting in 2023, we will ask that Active Priority List members submit their financial qualification application once they decide to become an Active member. 

Inactive Member

“Inactive” Priority List members retain their place on the list, are sent an annual survey, are invited to any of our upcoming marketing events, and can call any time to become an “active” member. For instance, we have “inactive” members of our Priority List who placed their deposit before we even opened in 2005! When they are ready to be “active” members, they will be at the top of the list.

How to Join the Priority List

Joining the Priority List is simple: You fill out a form with your basic information and indicate which floor plan would be your top choice. You have the option of selecting more than one floor plan, if you have not made up your mind which is your favorite. There is a fee to join the Priority List of $2,150, all of which is completely refundable at any time, except for the $150 which we keep as a processing fee. If you do decide to choose a residence and move in, your $2,000 goes towards your entrance fee.

With availability becoming extremely limited, the deposit being refundable at any time, and having the flexibility to decide a timeline on when you would like to move in, the Priority List is a great option to help plan for your future. Call Courtney, Derik, or Melissa at 740-321-0410 to start your plan today.

Completed Priority List Applications, along with the $2,150 check made out to “Otterbein Granville,” can be mailed to:

ATTN: Derik Kroeze

Otterbein Granville

2158 Columbus Road

Granville, OH 43023

Download the Priority List Application