Meet the Resident: Carl S.

Posted on: February 28, 2024

The residents help bring the Otterbein Spirit to life! Each person has a different story, unique purpose, and special place in our communities. We hope you enjoy getting to know some of the residents who call Otterbein home in our “Meet the Residents” blog series.

Meet Otterbein SeniorLife resident Carl S., who moved here to receive assistance with the care of his wife. He appreciated living close to her when she transitioned to long-term care on the same campus.

Meet Otterbein SeniorLife Resident Carl S.

Q: Can you briefly describe your life before moving to Otterbein?

My wife and I were married in 1953 and had four children. I worked as a distributor for Trophy Nut Co. in Tipp City, Ohio. We lived in Harrod for 65 years before moving to Otterbein SeniorLife.

Q: How did you decide on Otterbein? 

The main reason we chose to move to Otterbein was the location — the community was close to three of our children, within 20 minutes. In my work life, I was in and out of retirement communities, and I always thought Otterbein was one of the best places.

Q: What set it apart from other communities?

The continuing care offered at Otterbein worked well for us. I was looking for independent living where we could use additional services if we needed them. We moved into independent living initially, and then my wife transitioned to long-term care to receive the care and support she needed for her Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Q: What area of the community did you move to initially, and what types of services did you receive?

We both initially moved to independent living, but later my wife moved to the long-term care area. She was treated well there and received excellent care. The staff were very supportive and explained her care to me and what to expect as the disease progressed — this was helpful for me.

I visited her every day for two years until her passing. We ate lunch and dinner together most days. It was wonderful to spend time with her each day.

Q: Where are you living now within the community?

I live in a one-bedroom patio home. I appreciate having a separate bedroom with plenty of space for visitors in the living area. I also enjoy reading in the dining room.

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Q: Do you receive any services?

I enjoy the dining room for lunch and dinner, but sometimes I have meals delivered to me in the evening. I also use the community bus for lunch and to get to activities.

Carl and another gentleman resident playing cards and enjoying a glass of wine.

Q: Are you able to continue doing things you enjoyed before moving to Otterbein? 

I was not adventurous before moving here — in fact, I would describe myself as a wallflower. However, since moving to Otterbein, I have been able to do things I have not done before. I join in on several activities on campus, including playing Euchre and enjoying my morning coffee with a group of men.

I read the books in our library, and I also go to the pool three times a week for an hour each time and really enjoy the warm water on my old muscles. I try to stay active and connected.

Q: What bold adventures have you enjoyed so far?

I was able to go on a hot air balloon ride here on campus. We went on a trip to Columbus to pet wild wolves. We’ve also done air yoga. I try to do all the Bold Adventures offered to residents! We are looking forward to doing the zip lines, and we all appreciate getting to experience things we’ve never done before.

Q: What are some reasons you’d recommend Otterbein to others?

I consider it a good place to live. When my wife needed care, it was here, and it will be here for me too.

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Q: How would you describe your quality of life and overall well-being now that you’re a resident of Otterbein?

I am 94 years old, and I think it has kept me going better than being home by myself. I am more active, enjoy being with my friends, and get to do adventurous things.

Carl and a group of friends having a picnic at an outdoor cafe and laughing.

Q: Is it easy to make friends here at Otterbein?

Yes, they offer a lot of activities and ways you can connect with others. I just returned from a cooking demonstration with zucchini, and I enjoyed time with my friends today.

Q: Please share about your experience with new friendships at Otterbein.

I have a lot of new friends. We are all from different walks of life and come together for coffee, exercise, and fun. We are preparing for the Otterbein Olympics, and I will be playing shuffleboard. I am also baking zucchini bar cookies to compete for the best cookie!

Q: How have the Otterbein partners (employees) made a difference in your life?

They made it easier for me to help care for my wife. It was a good time to move, and they helped me with her and understanding her care.

Q: What advice would you give others trying to decide whether a community like Otterbein is right for them?

It’s a really good place to be. I recommend Otterbein to anyone who asks. It allows you to stay active and connect with people.

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