My Journey to Otterbein Cridersville: Bea B.

Posted on: April 21, 2022

As a second-generation resident and former employee of Otterbein SeniorLife, Bea B.’s ties to Otterbein go way back. Now, more than two decades after becoming involved with Otterbein, she’s settled at Otterbein Cridersville in an independent living patio home.

When she chose to move in during the summer of 2020, Bea B. chose Otterbein Cridersville for several reasons. Those included safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, freedom from maintenance and home upkeep, and being close to family.

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Past Experience With Otterbein

Bea’s first experience with Otterbein was when she was employed at the Lebanon corporate office for about five years, working in accounts payable. To this day, she cherishes the fond memories of the people she worked alongside there.

“I loved the working experience that I had. I loved the people that I worked with,” she said. “I guess [Otterbein] just attracts good people ― my type of people.”

After Bea’s father passed away, Bea’s mother wasn’t comfortable living alone, so she decided to come to Otterbein Cridersville, close to Bea’s stomping grounds of Lima, Ohio. Bea was pleased with the improved quality of life her mother enjoyed at Otterbein, such as getting involved in activities and outings both on and off campus.

“She felt comfortable, and I felt comfortable knowing that she felt comfortable,” she said. “Plus, I knew she was doing different things, and I liked that too for her.”

Choosing Otterbein Cridersville

After working at Otterbein Lebanon, Bea and her husband moved to Michigan, where she lived for 20 years. After he passed away, Bea found herself living alone, and her house was simply too much for her to care for by herself. In addition, she found out her son was moving from Michigan to the Lima area, and she wanted to be closer to him.

“I knew as I got older and as I needed more medical help, I could graduate to that here at Otterbein, and my sons wouldn’t have to worry about where or how I was going to be situated for rehabilitation. It was just right here and everything would be taken care of if I needed it,” she said.

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Seeking Safety During COVID-19

The arrival of the pandemic in Michigan scared Bea greatly, and she wanted to be somewhere she could feel as safe as possible. She knew that place was Otterbein.

“I knew Otterbein was on top of all medical things when I worked for them, and that was a comforting thing for me ― even before the pandemic started,” she said. “It was a relief to me when I got my [COVID vaccination] shots ― long before my family could get them.”

Bea also empathized with the staff partners and appreciated everything they did during the pandemic to keep residents safe and engaged. “They kept us busy if we wanted to be busy, and that was very nice ― it was a very hard job for those employees to do that and keep within COVID rules.”

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Convenience and Security

Now, Bea is making the most of life at Otterbein. Her favorite thing to do is spend time in the indoor heated pool, regardless of whatever the weather outside happens to be.

Now that things are beginning to return to “normal,” she’s also looking forward to trying new things and visiting new places with her friends at Otterbein. “It’s all planned for you, and I love that. All you have to do is just go.”

Today, Bea lives with a peace of mind she hasn’t had for a long time, and she knows that whatever the future holds, Otterbein has it covered.

“It’s a very comforting thought ― to know that there’s care right here. If I would need it, I wouldn’t have to be shipped all over to find a place for me to stay. I just know that Otterbein will take care of me,” she said.

Independent Living at Otterbein Cridersville

Are you feeling bogged down with home maintenance and upkeep? Are you worried about needing rehabilitation or other care down the road? Independent living can provide you with freedom, peace of mind, and convenience.

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