My Journey to Otterbein: Lebanon Apartment Residents

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Five Otterbein Lebanon SeniorLife apartment residents – Barb, Grace, Mary Lou, Nell, and Robert – sat down to tell us what they love most about living at Otterbein.

Read on for their stories or watch the video to see the full interviews. 

Otterbein Lebanon Apartment Living 

Otterbein resident Barb S.Barb S. 

Barb described living at Otterbein Lebanon as being like at a resort: “It’s not just a building,” she said. “Otterbein, from the places I’ve looked, is just the nicest place in this whole area. I don’t think you can find anything finer.”

She added that she enjoys being close to neighbors and friends. 

“Here, you can just walk out in the hall and visit a little bit,” she said. 

Otterbein resident Grace W.Grace W.

Grace enjoys the convenience of being so close to all the amenities in her apartment in the Life Enrichment Center (LEC) – from the post office to the gym to the dining room. 

Grace has been at Otterbein for more than 15 years, first in an independent living home, and then moving to an apartment. 

She said she has one thing to tell people who are interested in moving to Otterbein: “You’ll be completely happy. It’s a lovely place,” she said. 

Otterbein resident Mary Lou M.Mary Lou M.

Mary Lou also lives in the LEC and loves the scenery just outside her window: “My balcony faces the fountain and the gazebo.” 

She also said having friends close at hand makes for a unique living experience. 

“We used to say, it’s just like living in a dorm in college – you have your friends right there,” she said. 

When Mary Lou and her daughter were looking at retirement communities together, they both knew Otterbein was the right place.

“After we visited the campus, we looked at each other and said, ‘What do you think?’ And we both said, ‘Happy. The people here are happy.’”

Otterbein resident Nell H.Nell H.

Nell moved from Iowa to Otterbein SeniorLife and said she appreciates the comfort of her apartment. 

“I don’t feel contained or restricted. Everything that I need is right here,” she said. 

She added, “It does give me peace of mind. I feel that the security is there…I feel very safe here.” 

Nell and Grace met and became good friends when Nell first moved in, and she says she’s fortunate to have many other friends as well.

Otterbein resident Robert B.Robert B. 

Robert summed up why he enjoys living in an apartment for two reasons: “I’m in close proximity to everything, and I love the people.” 

Robert and his late wife first moved to Otterbein in an independent living home. When she passed away, Robert moved into an apartment. He says the process was something they’d both expected from the beginning and was one of the key reasons they chose Otterbein

“It’s a new lifestyle, but you make the very best of it. That’s why I’m so happy here. I think most everybody is,” he said. 

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