Otterbein Granville To Continue MoneyGauge Calculator

Posted on: April 21, 2022

Choosing a life plan community (aka continuing care retirement community) is a big financial decision. One question that exists is: are you in a position financially to possibly pay an entry fee and monthly service fees?

If you’re still wondering if Otterbein Granville is a good financial fit for you, you’re in luck! The financial calculator tool that we previously introduced is here to stay!

MoneyGauge’s financial calculator was made possible in collaboration with Brad Breeding, creator of, as part of a pilot program. After testing out the tool, working out the kinks, and getting positive feedback from users, we’re glad that it will remain a beneficial tool for those looking to call Otterbein Granville home.

What to Expect From the MoneyGauge Calculator

The financial calculator has already given many people the opportunity to further investigate their ability to make a move to the community, in a no-hassle and non-obligatory way. It can help you easily calculate complex projections.

As a prospective resident, this highly customized online calculator tool helps you factor in numerous variables and scenarios.

How the MoneyGauge Calculator Works

In six simple and straightforward questions, the calculator gives a preliminary result of one’s financial ability to move to the community, all in a matter of about two minutes.

The tool then generates a colorful chart and year-by-year analysis showing the projected impact of moving to a life plan community on savings and asset levels over a lifetime.

It’s accurately called MoneyGauge, because it “gauges” what floor plan may be your best fit in the form of a speedometer graphic with green, yellow and red; colors to indicate one is very likely, likely or not likely to financially qualify.

Benefits of the MoneyGauge Calculator

It’s helpful to have all of the necessary information on hand, including the pricing for the community, personal information about asset/account values and income sources. This leaves some of the guesswork out and allows you to continue ahead on your intentions to secure a plan for your future.

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