Otterbein Lebanon: What I Love About My Home

Posted on: April 21, 2022

In the real estate world, homeowners often say when they walked into their house for the first time, they just knew it was the one. Many residents of Otterbein SeniorLife Lebanon had this same experience when they visited the campus for the first time, and once they make Otterbein their home, that sense of belonging only grows stronger as time goes on.

Watch the video below to hear what these residents love most about their homes.

Sandy B. – “I Love the Openness”

Sandy B. from Otterbein Lebanon smiling while sitting at a chair in her home, with her living room in the background.

Resident Sandy B. remembers vividly the first time she saw her home. From the cathedral ceiling to the abundance of natural light, it was a breath of fresh air.

“The first thing I loved about looking at this house is when I stepped in the front door, I could see outside. I could see through the sunroom. I could see through the kitchen nook. It’s got a lot of windows, and there’s just a lot of space in this house,” she said.

Beverly A. – “I Love My Balcony”

Beverly A. from Otterbein Lebanon smiling while sitting at the island in her kitchen.

Resident Beverly A. loves how her apartment is open and spacious, but still has some privacy with the kitchen layout. Her favorite place to hang out, though, is her balcony.

“Every night in the spring and fall and summer, I get to watch the sunset, and that’s just wonderful to me,” she said.

Bob B. – “Apartment Life is Cozy”

Bob B. from Otterbein Lebanon smiling while standing in his living room, with a painting and a curio cabinet in the background.

Resident Bob. B. is enjoying senior apartment living and said, “I have to admit [with] the apartment life, one advantage is it’s kind of cozy. You don’t have to go very far to find things.”

Jane M. – “I Love my Atrium”

Jane M. from Otterbein Lebanon smiling while sitting in her living room, with plants and a lamp in the background.

Resident Jane M. likes to keep busy with all of the programming Otterbein offers, but she feels most at home when she is relaxing in her “atrium” sunroom.

“My favorite room here is my atrium. I’ve made that into my den, and I love it out there. I’ve got my TV, my laptop, and I can sit there and watch people go by,” she said.

George and Gladys M. – “We Love It All”

George and Gladys M. from Otterbein Lebanon sitting at the dining room table, in front of a window, with blinds and home decor in the background.

Residents George and Gladys M. chose Otterbein because the open floor plan seemed like a great fit for them. Since then, they’ve grown to love so many other things about life at Otterbein as well.

“We love the atmosphere, we love the countryside, we love the people. We feel very comfortable here. We always have, ever since we’ve been here,” said Gladys.

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