Rehab and Therapy at Otterbein Cridersville: Jay’s Story

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Planning for recovery after a surgery or illness can be challenging. But scheduling post-acute rehabilitation and therapy can make it easier for you to recover and regain your mobility, strength, and function. 

Hear from Jay M., a post-acute resident at Otterbein Cridersville, about his journey through therapy and how Otterbein is helping him get back to what he loves most.

Inpatient Rehabilitation and Therapy at Otterbein

Jay first came to Otterbein after an amputation of his right lower leg and surgery on his lower back. 

“It was right at the peak of the pandemic,” he said. “And I just was impressed with how everybody here worked together – it didn’t matter if you were administration or a housekeeper or a nurse. Everyone was just doing everything they could to take care of the residents.” 

While post-acute residents couldn’t have visitors during the pandemic, Jay said the staff was helpful in keeping him connected and making the experience as comfortable as possible. He also said the therapy he’s received has been top-notch. 

“I just am really impressed with the physical therapy and the therapy department. They continually know how to keep you going without you feeling that you’re pressured or pressed, and they don’t ever let you exceed your limits to where you’re very uncomfortable,” he said.

The therapy helped Jay make progress to the point where, when he went home, he was able to walk out on his own with a walker.

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Safety & Precautions at Otterbein

Jay said even though he was at Otterbein during the pandemic, he saw firsthand their preparation and planning to keep residents safe: “One thing I did find out is that Otterbein was way ahead of the game.”

When he left Otterbein the first time and needed additional surgery, he noted the hospital in Columbus wasn’t following some of the same procedures Otterbein had already adopted, like serving food in disposable containers.

“That just shows how far ahead Otterbein was, looking ahead and having a plan with how to proceed and keep the threat of the virus down in-house,” he said.

Getting Back to Enjoying Life

When he finishes his rehab this time, Jay said he’s looking forward to enjoying a fishing trip with his wife. 

The couple has been going on fishing trips for decades, and at one time trekked to Canada each year for the angling. 

“My wife and I, we had our daughter late in life,” he said. “My wife was 39 and I was 40 before our daughter was born. And my wife’s a three-time cancer survivor, so we couldn’t start a family right away. So we did an awful lot of fishing early in our married life.

“Now, with what I’ve experienced, I’m ready to just go back to doing simple things and enjoying life, and she’s ready also.” 

Is Inpatient Therapy at Otterbein Right For Me? 

Here‘s a sampling of what you can expect with inpatient post-acute therapy at Otterbein Cridersville

  • One-on-one, personalized care with your therapist(s). 
  • Activity staff who will get to know you and help you stay positive.
  • Skills and techniques to help you thrive once you leave Otterbein.
  • Help staying in touch with your family.
  • Private suites, daily meals, and more. 

If you’re planning for your recovery after surgery, or your loved one has had an illness or accident, we can help. 

Contact us today to learn more about rehabilitation and therapy at Otterbein Cridersville.

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