There’s Music in the Air at Otterbein Granville!

Posted on: December 12, 2022

Kathie H Resident Blogger

By Otterbein Granville resident Kathie H.

Tall cedars outside the window wall seemed the perfect background for the second concert in the Sunday Chamber Music Series held November 13 in the Amelia Room at Otterbein Granville.

Setting the Stage for a Chamber Concert

An expectant full-house audience settled in while observing the glow of the afternoon sun illuminating the lush, landscaped greenery. While inside on the stage, the Boston Steinway stood ready with its own glorious shine next to a handsome wooden music stand. 

There were page-turn pedals at the ready since modern musicians use iPads instead of paper music. A toe tap advances or returns pages to follow a repeated section.  

Resident Max R., himself a world-class musician, opened the program with a warm welcome and remarks about “coincidences.” He pointed out the extensive exhibit of paintings in the Heller Gallery just outside the concert venue, 50 canvases of oils, as well as watercolors done by his daughter, Ann Kete. 

Ann’s next-door neighbors introduced Max to Isabelle Ai Durrenberger, so the families have been able to share Isabelle’s musical journey from childhood. My own coincidence is that the Kete and Durrenberger homes are just a few blocks from where my husband and I lived until our June 2022 move to Otterbein Granville.  

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Enjoying a Stunning Performance

An encourager of musicians and artists, Max not only instigated the Chamber Music Series at Otterbein Granville, but the piano AND the violin used for the concert are both his own instruments.  

There are not enough superlatives to fully describe the excellence of the program. Selections entertained and impressed with beauty and technique that made for breathtaking listening and enthusiastic applause. 

The two musicians, Ms. Durrenberger, who currently serves as violin faculty in the New England Conservatory in Boston, and her accompanist Dr. Hana Chu, piano faculty at Denison University and Cedarville University, told me they’d had only two rehearsals together.  

They played as if they were reading each other’s minds and emotions throughout the performance. Stunning precision, expression, sensitivity, and beauty left the audience in awe of their gifts.  

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Anticipating an Impressive Chamber Music Series

Musicians at Otterbein GranvilleMusicians at Otterbein Granville

There is more to come. The Sunday Chamber Music Series has a full schedule of monthly delights in place through June 2023. The 2023-2024 season is already half-confirmed. I have a feeling that when Max invites players to this venue, who could refuse?

One of the amazing discoveries for me at Otterbein Granville is the rich community of creative people. Whether music or painting, fiber arts or ceramics, photography, writing poetry, history, or sci-fi, there is expertise and generosity of heart in sharing the love and energy around enlivening activities.  

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Sharing the Love of Music with Others

Whatever interest one has, just start asking, and there will be a friend with whom to share it. I had hardly moved in when a phone call from resident Amanda P. invited me to play piano/organ duets with her in her lovely cottage, where a full-sized organ and an electronic piano share a sunny corner of her living room.   

As one thing led to another, Amanda and I offered a Saturday musical hour in the main lobby with cello/piano leading some sing-along favorites. Attending were the adult children of resident Eva P., who had already made a connection with me at a watercolor painting experience with summer artist-in-residence Lily. 

Eva’s daughter plays violin, and her son Oliver the cello. After the program, Oliver, who was visiting from California, asked to play my cello. He began playing “The Swan” from The Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns, and Amanda ably added piano accompaniment, all impromptu.

Eva’s daughter lives locally, and we have ideas of forming a piano, violin, and cello trio with the help of yet another resident pianist, Jane W.  

Ah! OUR hills ARE alive with music right here at Otterbein Granville!

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