Throwback: Vaccination Day at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: April 21, 2022

By Courtney Pastor, Marketing 

Time for a Throwback!

Otterbein residents with a vaccinated sticker

Just over a year ago, January 27, 2021, marked a long-awaited day for staff, residents, and families at Otterbein Granville: the 2nd COVID-19 vaccination day. 

Here are some residents’ sentiments on getting the COVID-19 vaccination:


“We are so blessed to get our vaccine. It was efficiently organized by the Otterbein Granville staff. To make it even better, an extremely high percentage of both staff and residents chose to get the vaccine. Bravo!”  Eileen M.

“Otterbein Granville is the place to be! We are looked after so well with every little detail so well managed. My husband and I feel fortunate to live in such a caring community. Being able to have the vaccine is a real plus! Thank you, Otterbein Granville.”  Emily H.

“When Susan and I went to get our shots on V-Day, the mood in the Amelia Room was one of quiet celebration and anticipation. We all felt that the occasion was a big deal. For it was finally possible to realistically envision an end to the plague period – to see a return to times when we could safely get together with family members, visit with friends, shop at leisure, dine out spontaneously, and allow the COVID-prompted worries we were all quietly harboring and cordoning off to begin to ebb.”  ― Reed B.

Flash Forward to 2022

Vaccinated Otterbein residentTo provide an update, as of February 2022, 100% of Otterbein Granville residents are now vaccinated against COVID-19. In addition, 100% of the staff are either vaccinated or have received a religious or medical exemption. Otterbein Granville continues to check the temperatures of guests and tests staff partners twice a week, regardless of vaccination status.


Coming Together as a Community

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that such an overwhelming number of people chose to opt-in for the vaccine. Although reasons may vary from person to person, it shows the essence of community that is uniquely Otterbein Granville.

Executive Director Doug Helman said, “Like many, that word ‘together’ has been a way to unify us throughout this pandemic, a word that has always unified those of us who live and work at Otterbein Granville.”   

A community like ours is one that rallies together when making tough decisions to ensure the consensus reached is for the greatest good. In the time of COVID-19, this has been true from the get-go; enhanced hygiene precautions, visitor restrictions, health and wellness checks … The list goes on when reflecting on measures taken to make certain we all stay as healthy as possible (many of which are still implemented).

Otterbein Residents with an Otterbein Partner

As these new measures were introduced throughout the year and were at times exceptionally difficult, especially during the holiday season, both staff and residents understood the danger and the dire need to heed the protocols. 

We still have a ways to go until life resumes to “normal,” but this day gave us hope in a turning point for the pandemic. 

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