[Video] A Day at Otterbein Lebanon SeniorLife

Posted on: August 28, 2023

What happens in one day at the Otterbein Lebanon SeniorLife campus? We found out – and it includes everything from basket-weaving to golf-cart driving. 

Hear from Otterbein residents Bonnie and Dave P., Marge and Bob H., and John K. on their favorite activities and pastimes on campus, plus why they love life here.

A Day in the Life: Bonnie and Dave P.

“It’s just comfortable here – very comfortable,” Bonnie said of the couple’s experience at Otterbein.

She and her husband Dave enjoy the convenience of living on campus as well as the friends they’ve made in their time there.

“All our friends know that it’s a good place. They know that we’re happy here,” she said. “We’ve built a life here. We have memories here.”

The couple enjoys zipping across campus on their golf cart – convenient for those who don’t have a car or no longer drive. Most days of the week, Dave plays pool or the couple plays bridge. And on Saturday mornings, they meet up with friends at the Great Wave Cafe for coffee and companionship.

Although Bonnie says it was at first hard to leave friends when they moved from their former home, they have no regrets about the decision. 

“We’re at the point where we’re still healthy enough and can still make new friends. This is a very friendly place,” she said. “I’d move in sooner rather than later.” 

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Staying Active at Otterbein: Marge and Bob H. 

Bob and Marge first learned about the benefits of retirement communities from friends’ recommendations.

“They would come back and tell us how excited they were and how much they enjoyed it, and all the activities they had. It sounded like a good idea,” said Bob.

The couple keeps busy every day, whether it’s Bob driving the campus shuttle for other residents or Marge helping in the campus archives or involved in music. 

“When we came, we wanted to come with the idea that we would get active, get involved. And so we have a calendar,” Marge said.

“The activities are just the best. For Marge here, music is such a big part of her life, and so we have the choir and the choruses and the handbells, and that was the thing that kind of tilted the scales,” Bob added. 

There is one thing for which the couple has to go off-campus: their Friday night dates at Wendy’s. 

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Creativity at Otterbein: John K.

For resident John K., the activities at Otterbein are also an important part of the community.

“You can be as busy as you want. There are so many activities, you have to choose,” he said. 

John eschews the golf carts many residents favor and gets around on his electric scooter.

“This is my second scooter … we found this on eBay and [my kids] gave it to me for a Father’s Day present. And I can outrun most golf carts,” he said. 

Although his scooter helps him get around campus, John keeps active through regular pickleball games with friends.

The scooter also comes in handy when it’s time to go to the Creative Arts Center on campus, where he teaches a basket-weaving class to other residents.

“It’s been a very interesting hobby – inexpensive, and it satisfies my working with my hands,” he said. “I say it’s basket-weaving 101, and some are getting their Ph.D. degree. It’s been very enjoyable to share my hobby.”

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