Water and Other Wonders at Otterbein Granville

Posted on: October 13, 2022

Kathie H Resident Blogger

By Otterbein Granville resident Kathie H.

We don’t shrink or fade! We do stretch and float. On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15 a.m., the Otterbein Granville warm-water indoor pool is the place to be. In fact, of all the pools into which I have plunged to participate in water aerobics classes, this is the first one I have found with ALL the attributes that contribute to a fully enjoyable experience. 

Appreciating the Perks of the Indoor Pool at Otterbein Granville

The water temperature is just right! No tentative entering inch by inch to get accustomed to a cool pool. Here, the water welcomes ankles, knees, and hips with a comfortable embrace. 

The large pool has plenty of room for everyone, and the water depth is perfect for any person’s height. I’m a bit on the tall side, so the deep end is my hang-out place. To enjoy the resistance water offers to tone muscles and strengthen joints, I need to be IN and UNDER the water. 

The deepend at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming poolChair assist at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming pool

The ambiance is appealing in all seasons with large pots that hold luxuriant plants, bringing the essence of a tropical paradise. At summer’s end, tall Black-Eyed Susans peer in the west windows, nodding their approval at our camaraderie. Hummingbirds entertain us with their quick dips and dodges from flower to flower, sometimes mimicking our own water routines.

Potted plants at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming poolBlack-eyed susans at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming poolBlack-eyed susans at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming pool

Instruction is gentle and inviting. Guidance is encouraging and helpful. Pool noodles, weights, and other equipment are readily available as needed. An hour of in-pool activity is good for the body, mind, and spirit.

Pool noodles at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming pool

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Finding Friends During Water Aerobics Classes

Residents in the pool at the indoor Otterbein Granville swimming poolWhile attention is given to following instructions during the class, there is time before and after class to get to know other participants. On my first visit, I met TWO of the several Barbaras from our community. In fact, they said there are three cottages in a row, each inhabited by a Barbara.

When I met resident Polly R., she assured me that she is the ONLY Polly here at Otterbein Granville. There do seem to be some names that proliferate. Many Janes, a few Pats, a couple of Dorothys, and Karens. So far, there are just two Kathies, actually one Kathie (me) and one Kathy. Spelling counts! And then quite a few Daves and Jims, a couple of Bobs and Dons. 

There are many starting points when making a new acquaintance. Finding out where someone has lived before coming to Otterbein Granville is one. Imagine my surprise when Polly said she had been a town librarian in Moorestown, New Jersey, where I grew up. (Moorestown with two Os and one R, not to be confused with the more recognizable Morristown in the northern part of the state.) 

Polly’s children and daughter-in-law all graduated from the high school where my mother spent her career. Polly was excited to relay news of my maiden name back to her family, who promptly found photos of my mother back in the day. “You look a lot like her,” Polly observed. True, I replied. 

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Making Connections in the Otterbein Granville Community 

Every new activity at Otterbein Granville is an opportunity to make a connection. A shared hobby? A former geographical location? A unique talent or passion? This community is rich with possibilities for making our new home a place where the balm of friendship, like the restorative pool waters, refreshes and restores, caresses, and supports us as we share our life journey in this special place.

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