Small House. Big Difference.

Small House Neighborhoods at Otterbein SeniorLife

Otterbein SeniorLife Neighborhoods vastly differ from traditional nursing homes, providing care for our residents — called elders — in a small, personalized setting.

Our membership in The Green House Project® means we’re part of a nationwide support network for the small home care model through public policy initiatives at the state and federal levels.

What is a Small House Neighborhood at Otterbein?

Our small house neighborhoods, located throughout Ohio, are made up of individual homes that house up to 12 elders in each home. Elders live in private rooms with attached baths, choose how to set their daily schedule, enjoy home-cooked meals in a family-style dining room, and more.

Trained staff is available 24/7 to provide care, and rehabilitation and therapy are provided directly in the home in a functional environment.

Our Small Houses are Getting National Attention

The Small House Difference

  • Improved quality of life. Elders report improvements in privacy, dignity, meaningful activities, relationships, autonomy, food enjoyment, and individuality — all seven domains of quality of life and emotional well-being.
  • Improved quality of care. Elders manage their activities of daily living longer and experience less depression and decline.
  • Improved family satisfaction. Families report being more satisfied with the meals, amenities, housekeeping, privacy, autonomy, health care, and physical environment for their loved ones.
  • Higher direct care time. Small homes report an increase in staff time, approximately 23-31 minutes more each day, spent with each elder for direct care activities.
  • Improved staff satisfaction. The staff at small homes report higher job satisfaction, less stress, and less turnover than in traditional nursing settings.
  • Increased engagement with staff. Elders enjoy four times the amount of time engaging with staff outside of direct care.
  • Timely intervention. Due to the high level of familiarity with the elders, partners can detect health changes in elders sooner, facilitating timely intervention.

Otterbein SeniorLife Announces Membership in The Green House Project

As a member of The Green House Project, we’re one of the country’s largest providers of small-house care.

Learn More About Our Small Houses

With locations throughout central, northwest, and southwest Ohio, you’ll find an Otterbein Small House Neighborhood near you.

Small Houses Vs. Traditional Nursing homes

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