Small House. Big Difference.

How our skilled nursing and rehab small house neighborhoods are making care safer for everyone during COVID-19.

Statistics show that smaller long-term care settings are safer for residents during COVID-19. At Otterbein SeniorLife, our small house neighborhoods are taking every step to keep residents safe and healthy.

Learn more about our commitment to health and safety at our small house neighborhoods and see how they’re different from traditional nursing homes.

Our Small Houses are Getting National Attention

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Otterbein’s Big Difference

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Our model, with 12 elders and dedicated partners in each house, means the spread of COVID-19 can be controlled dramatically better than in large, institutional nursing home environments.
  • Otterbein tests and re-test elders (residents) and caregivers weekly. Unvaccinated partners are tested daily and vaccinated partners are tested 2 times a week. We use rapid tests, and we also have a partnership with a private laboratory that provides results in less than 3 days, most often less than 2 days.
  • Our aggressive approach with testing helps to identify asymptomatic elders/caregivers before they spread the virus widely. It is proven that early identification means effective tracking, quarantining, and recovery in specially defined COVID.
  • In all of 2020, with thousands of tests completed, the 47 Otterbein small houses identified only 31 elders testing positive. In most cases, the elders were asymptomatic.
  • Otterbein has gradually, and safely, opened up outdoor visitation options at each location. With safety in mind, stringent precautions for the setting, social distancing, masking and other health guidelines are in place at all times. Visitors must pass a COVID screening in order to visit and are recommended, not required, to test prior to the visit. Tests are provided by Otterbein.

The Small House Model: A Safer Approach

Otterbein Small House Neighborhoods were built on the Green House model, a way of senior living that completely revolutionized traditional nursing care. Emphasis is on choice for our residents – called elders – in how they want to plan their days, what they want to do, and more.

  • Private rooms with bathrooms for better social distancing
  • Open family room and kitchen
  • Access to secure outdoor area
  • Choice of when and what to eat
  • 24/7 small team of nursing staff

What Are We Doing During COVID-19?

Get a closer look at how we’re making life safe and meaningful for our elders during this time.

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Small Houses Vs. Traditional Nursing homes

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