How I Found Out Rehabilitation is The Best Medicine: A Resident’s Story

Posted on: August 28, 2023

Scheduling a rehabilitation and therapy stay after surgery is one of the best ways you can restore yourself and live a healthy, full life. But it’s not always an easy decision, because all anyone wants to do after surgery is to go home.

Chris G., who had suffered from hip pain for years and underwent several surgeries, decided to take the leap and do his therapy at Otterbein. Watch the video to hear more. And read his story below to see how he says the experience changed his life.

Therapy and Rehabilitation at Otterbein 

“My first and second hip surgeries were a year apart. Time passed, and it got to the point where I never knew which step was going to be painful or the one that might make me fall. Still, I continued in pain, dreading the thought of another surgery. I let eight years pass before I could no longer put off another hip surgery.

Speaking with my wife about what would happen after surgery, I told her I would go back to my chair. My chair was my home and I didn’t feel the need for therapy.

Up until this point, when I had done therapy I was just a number. The therapists watched the clock, and when the hand on the clock hit the end time, boom, out you went and onto the next one.

Of course, my wife, who is a nurse, didn’t agree with this answer. It just so happened that a commercial for Otterbein, where an older gentleman was talking about his experience with therapy and how much he enjoyed it, began playing on the television. It was in that spur-of-the-moment decision that my life changed.”

Personal Attention for Recovery

“Once I got to Otterbein , I noticed the difference from the beginning. My first therapy session started with them wanting to know what I wanted, what I expected; it was all about me.

chris-otterbein-rehab-therapyAs I did my exercises, I noticed that people wanted to be here. The therapists enjoyed doing their jobs and were good at what they do. The exercises at times were difficult and a bit painful, but then they would make you laugh or make the exercise more fun, and somehow you forgot the pain and continued.

As days passed, I actually looked forward to therapy. The entire therapy team gave me renewed ambition. I was reaching goals quicker than I thought I would and it was because they believed in me. This, in turn, encouraged me to work harder and push myself.

After I was discharged, I decided to continue with outpatient therapy and am just about to finish with that. I’m going to miss the people in therapy and their upbeat positive attitude. The only reason I’m looking forward to finishing therapy is so I can go see my wife in Louisiana, where she is temporarily working.

I have already decided that when I have the other hip done in the future, this is the only place I’ll come. I’ll even schedule around an inpatient opening if I have to. Otterbein  changed not just my lifestyle, but me, and I am beyond grateful.”

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Why Should I Attend Post-Acute Rehab at Otterbein?

Rehabilitation and therapy can help you get back to your normal lifestyle, as well as ensure that you recover fully and reduce the chance of further injury.

At Otterbein, you’ll experience the care you need and a focus on you. We help you recover at one of our 15 locations throughout Ohio and in Indiana. While you’re here, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of life at Otterbein.

Most post-acute rehabilitation stays are less than 30 days, but those few short weeks can be critical to setting yourself up for success.

Our services and offerings include:

  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy
  • Social and psychological services
  • Wound care management
  • A registered nurse on duty 24 hours a day

Your team of skilled nurses and therapists will help provide a seamless move from your hospital stay to our campus to home.

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