My Journey to Otterbein: Stephanie S.

Posted on: August 28, 2023

When Stephanie S. first began thinking about moving to a retirement community, she and her late husband Harry faced a big challenge: paring down the home they’d shared for 43 years. 

Learn more about their downsizing journey and hear what Stephanie had to say about the couple’s experience at Otterbein. 

Downsizing a Home

Stephanie and Harry knew it was time for a change when neither of them could manage their home and yard maintenance. And getting up and down stairs became a struggle. 

Their next step was to go through all of their belongings and keep only what they wanted to bring with them to Otterbein Cridersville.

“We lived in our house in Lima for 43 years, so that was ‘fun’ getting it downsized,” Stephanie said. 

She said they took three main steps to get everything cleaned up and narrowed down. First, a garage sale; then donations to stores like Goodwill; and finally, “a big dumpster.” 

“It was hard work,” she said. “It was quite a challenge, but we managed.” 

Coming to Otterbein

A big factor in Stephanie and Harry choosing Otterbein was the availability and quality of care at the community. And when Harry needed post-acute rehab for a short time, he received it right on campus. 

“There are plenty of activities,” said Stephanie. “And during COVID, they’ve done a very good job of keeping people safe and healthy.”

Because home maintenance was one of the key reasons they decided to move, Stephanie said the maintenance provided at Otterbein is top-notch: “If there’s an emergency, they come right away. And if not, they still come in the same day.”

Although the couple was initially a little hesitant about the move, nine years later Stephanie is confident that they made the right decision.

“I’m very glad we came here. No place is perfect, but this comes close,” said Stephanie.

When Harry passed away, Stephanie downsized to a smaller patio home and continues to remain engaged and active on campus.

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