Otterbein Cridersville: Our Second Home

Posted on: April 21, 2022

For many seniors, there comes a time when you must evaluate your current living situation. Are the benefits of staying in your current home worth the safety risks and inconveniences? For Otterbein Cridersville residents Paul and Ruby K., that point was over six years ago.

At that time, Paul had just had heart valve surgery, and he and Ruby knew that moving to a senior living facility was imminent. They weren’t able to do yard work themselves, and their home was simply too much for them to take care of.

“We checked out different places where we could go, and there was no doubt in our mind that Otterbein was the place,” said Ruby.

Independent Living = Freedom and Convenience

Now, six years later, Paul and Ruby are loving life at Otterbein Cridersville in their patio home. Independent living continues to fit their lifestyle preferences – they come and go as they please.

Otterbein also introduced to them a new level of safety and convenience they greatly appreciate. Here are some of their favorite features:

  • Attached garage. “How wonderful it is when it’s raining out, driving into your garage, and you walk right into the house,” said Ruby.
  • Prompt maintenance. “The maintenance department here is excellent. If we even have to change the lightbulb, staff will come right in and do that,” said Paul.
  • Ample storage. “There’s a lot of storage in the garage. We put all of our Christmas decorations in there. There’s a lot of shelving and cupboards,” said Ruby.

Future Care is Already Built In

Another huge plus to senior living at Otterbein SeniorLife is that no matter what the future holds for Paul and Ruby’s care, they will have everything they need right on campus.

“It’s full care. If we become ill, we just go right to the main building and are taken care of,” said Ruby.

Just Like Home – Only Better

Paul and Ruby can’t overstate how much happier they are since moving to Otterbein Cridersville. Every day holds something new, and they both emphatically echo the same sentiment: “We’re so glad we moved here!”

“It’s just really a second home, but we don’t miss our first home because it just got to be too much work … The leadership is really kind to us, and we really appreciate it … I always say it’s like heaven on earth,” said Paul.

Ruby concluded, “It’s just like being in your own home. It’s wonderful! It’s God’s gift to us.”

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