See How Otterbein Cridersville Lends a Helping Hand During the Pandemic

Posted on: August 28, 2023

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Otterbein Cridersville has been lending an extra helping hand to residents to make sure they’re staying social and safe.

Learn more about how Otterbein Cridersville is supporting residents during this time from resident Jackie L.

Services at Otterbein Cridersville During COVID-19

Jackie has been an independent living resident at Cridersville for just over four years and says she’s grateful for the open communication from Otterbein during the pandemic.

“Anytime you call them, somebody has got an answer for you. And they’ve kept us posted, that’s for sure, with all the letters and things we get,” she said.

Jackie also receives lunch deliveries to her home for convenience as well as her weekly bingo card – “Which I love!”

She also appreciates the maintenance team, who are quick to respond.“To me, they’re the greatest, and I’m not just saying that,” she said. She gave the example of needing to move a large, heavy potted plant from a friend’s home to hers. The maintenance people came quickly and got it moved for her.

Overall, Jackie said she enjoys life at Otterbein – and that hasn’t changed since the pandemic.

“I think we have a beautiful campus, it’s very peaceful, very quiet, everybody’s friendly. I love the activities…to me, it’s just a great place to live.”

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Otterbein Helps Families Stay in Touch

Staying social is a critical part of wellness that may be difficult to manage for many seniors living alone during the pandemic. At Otterbein, staff work hard to make sure all residents stay in touch with their friends and family.

Many independent living residents stay in touch through calls and texts with family. For residents who want assistance with video calls, Otterbein set up a resident connectivity schedule outlining when those residents could contact friends or family on a regular basis.

Otterbein TV was another outlet for residents to stay connected and active, with programs like exercise classes they could do right in their homes. And a smartphone app, Touchtown, allowed residents to request maintenance and stay connected with the staff.

Finally, friends and family could send messages and photos to residents through The Spirit Connection online portal.

Is Independent Living a Good Choice During COVID-19?

Many people wonder if independent living is still a good choice during a pandemic. They may be concerned about safety and wellness or wonder if it’s just easier to stay home.

Although the choice is up to each individual, there are many benefits to independent living that may outweigh living at home during this time. These are just a few more ways Otterbein has helped residents during this time:

  • Maintenance-free living that includes lawn care, snow removal, and interior maintenance.
  • 24-hour call system so help is always available if residents need it.
  • Wellness services to help residents stay healthy and feel their best.
  • Programming calendar to help residents stay active, social, and engaged.
  • Healthy meal options that can be delivered right to residents’ doors.
  • Assistance with ordering supplies or running errands for residents.
    Much, much more!

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