5 Benefits of Moving Into a Senior Apartment

Posted on: February 5, 2024

Apartments aren’t just for college students, recent graduates, and young couples  — they can be an excellent option for older adults, too!

Senior apartments are exactly what they sound like — apartments located in senior living communities for residents who love their independence but are ready for a little less responsibility than a patio home. Senior apartments offer less maintenance than homes, a potentially lower cost, and plenty to do.

“Seniors often choose an independent living apartment because they want to downsize and be done with lawn maintenance and snow removal,” says Anna Gallagher, marketing director at Otterbein Lebanon. “But once they have been living in an apartment for a while, they come to value so much more about the experience.”

So what are the benefits of living in an apartment in a senior community? Think convenience, social interaction, safety, and cost savings. We’ve rounded up a few examples:

1. Maintenance-Free Senior Living Accommodations

Apartment living can add time to your life since you don’t have to tend a yard or do home repairs yourself. That means more time to relax, socialize, and engage in activities that are important to you.

Another time-saver? The convenience of having the community’s amenities so close by — the hair salon, bank, and fitness center are often just a short stroll (or golf cart ride) away.

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Otterbein Lebanon senior on golf cart outside Terrace Place senior apartments.


2. Convenience of Cooking at Home or Dining at an On-Site Restaurant

When it’s time to eat, you can cook at home or pop down to an on-site restaurant to enjoy a meal. Residents at one of Otterbein Lebanon’s newest independent living apartment buildings, Terrace Place, have the added attraction of an outdoor dining space.

“This amazing terrace features an outdoor kitchen for grilling, a fire pit, and even a putting green,” says Gallagher. “It has become a wonderful gathering place for residents to enjoy, whether they are having omelets prepared by our chef or reminiscing around the fire.”


Senior apartment residents dine at outdoor restaurant at Terrace Place at Otterbein Lebanon.

3. Find Activities (and New Friends) Galore at CCRCs

Senior living communities offer a full schedule of activities every day of the week. Special events, educational courses, socials, and volunteer opportunities mean you can be as busy as you want to be all year.

And with so many neighbors in your apartment building, you’re likely to find people who share your interests. You won’t have to go to that woodworking class or book club alone!

Otterbein Lebanon residents practice putting on green at Terrace Place senior living apartments.

4. Safety Measures In and Out of the Apartment

Active adult communities emphasize resident safety, both inside your apartment and when you are out and about. Apartment units have safety features like grab bars in the bathtub, non-slip surfaces, and an emergency call system.

Security staff also help keep an eye on residents and can come to their aid whenever a need arises.

During COVID-19, apartments at Otterbein offered additional safety measures for seniors because they didn’t need to go out and about to do chores or errands. They can also interact with others in the building with less worry.

Aerial view of Terrace Place senior apartments at Otterbein Lebanon SeniorLife.


5. Senior Apartments are Lower Cost Than Owning a Home

Living in an apartment at a senior lifestyle community can significantly decrease expenses compared to owning a house.

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If something goes wrong with the thermostat, or the key won’t work on the front door lock, or your sink gets backed up, no problem – just call maintenance and wait for someone to fix it.

Some active adult communities, such as Otterbein SeniorLife, offer repairs at no extra cost. And when the time comes to fill out your tax return, you can rest assured that property taxes won’t be part of the equation.

View inside senior apartment at Otterbein Lebanon.

Hear From Otterbein SeniorLife Residents On What They Love Most About Living in a Senior Living Apartment

With so many upsides, it’s no wonder that apartments are often in high demand in senior living communities. They really do offer the kind of lifestyle that can make you feel young again!

In the video below, you’ll hear from a few current Otterbein Lebanon residents on what they love about their apartments at Terrace Place.


This blog was originally published in 2018. It was updated in June 2022.