My Journey to Otterbein: The Metzger Family

Posted on: August 28, 2023

When Jed Metzger’s mother, Ruth, needed a higher level of care, they knew Otterbein Cridersville was the right place.

Hear Jed and Ruth’s story in the video below, or read the full transcript. 

What Was it Like Moving Your Mom to Otterbein?

It was fairly simple because she came from the hospital to the rehab facility. And at that point, you know, she was healing. She actually had a hip replaced, and then it was an easier transition than to the facility to stay more long-term because her faculties wouldn’t allow her to continue to remain on her own.

It’s always challenging because, you know, Mom wanted to stay at home. She wanted to be independent. She sort of feared going into a nursing home, but she and I had always agreed when the time was right that, you know, she wouldn’t fight that. Nor did she, and of course working with the staff here was very helpful because them being kind to her allowed her to feel more at home and more appreciated. 

How Did You Choose Otterbein?

My aunt had come here and they talked…it was a good choice because of the quality of care – I knew the quality of care was good. 

We’d had some previous experience with rehab, with a physical therapy outside coming in. And so I’ve heard always good things. And I knew the facility well – being the [Lima/Allen County] chamber guy, I know a lot of the facilities well, and so it was the right placement for her. At the time she felt comfortable coming to this facility. 

I always praise Otterbein and I communicate to people the good quality of care, the good social interaction, the good opportunities for them to get involved in activities. I think that’s always important with anybody in a place such as Otterbein to always have something which keeps her mind occupied.

How Have the Communication and Staff Been?

Right away with Otterbein, we started doing FaceTime and I FaceTime every day throughout the week. It’s just that communication between Mom and me. If we don’t FaceTime during the day, she knows it and she sort of gets upset. 

As far as the staff, the littlest things, like if she has a scratch, they’ll call me. Or if it’s something more serious where the doctor needs to see her for something, or maybe her iron is down, and I notice signs too. So I will tell them when I see [something] because I know my mom really well. So say, well, she’s just not doing so well; could you have somebody check on her? And it’s always been very positive. They’ve always right away gotten involved and then called me back and let me know the outcome. 

I’ve been very pleased … after my father passed away, it was even more important to have that connection. Because my sister had passed away at 29, I was it. I don’t have any other family members. And so it’s hard on a person, but you know, I knew that I made a promise to her that if she stayed, I would always be there for her, and I always have 

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