Milestones at Otterbein

A Guided Journey in Memory Support

A Guided Journey to Memory Support - Milestones at Otterbein

Milestones is Otterbein SeniorLife’s defined memory care program designed to provide expert care and services to residents who are living with dementia.

We developed the Milestones program to take a proactive and individualized approach to enhance life experiences, personal well-being, and holistic care for those living through their dementia journey at Otterbein.

The foundation of this program is centered on four key areas.

4 Key Components of our Milestones Program

ottervein seniorlife resident and caregiver

Comprehensive Education Program for Partners

The first component of Milestones at Otterbein is a comprehensive education program for our partners to expand their knowledge of the dementia disease process and provide information and strategies to better understand and engage residents through their journey.

Included in our program is a defined curriculum for classroom orientation, onboarding education and competencies, annual education, and strategies to keep learning and development alive throughout the year. The curriculum included in this program is based on the Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations (DCPR) and prepares partners to best serve those residents with memory support needs.

Otterbein SeniorLife Resident

In-Depth Assessment

This portion of the program focuses on the way we get to know each resident and gather detailed information to develop an individualized plan built on their strengths, interests and needs.

The Care Partner team will use the information we gather during this portion to develop the third component of the program, the Path to Well-Being.

Otterbein SeniorLife Caretaker with Milestones Memory Care resident

The Path to Well-Being

The Path to Well-Being is an individualized, structured plan that incorporates our Nine Degrees of Wellness to help guide programs and services for each resident.

The Path to Well-Being provides an action-specific guide that is directly connected to how the resident defines their personal well-being. It includes specific and meaningful strategies that are integrated into each resident’s plan of care and personal routine.

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Extensive Programming 

The resources available through the Milestones program are based on memory care best practices and integrate the nine degrees of wellness. Included in our programming resources are individual programming options, seasonal, monthly, and weekly calendars, and a library of activity guides that anyone can use to create meaningful engagement opportunities.

How Do We Know Milestones Is Working?

Milestones at Otterbein provides Otterbein leaders and partners with the tools and resources they need to consistently implement the program and make a difference in the lives of those with dementia.

Each Community and Neighborhood has developed a Milestones team to fully implement each component of the program. We’ve also put monitoring strategies in place to evaluate the progress and the effectiveness of the program. In addition, the Milestones leader from each location will work with the One Otterbein memory care collaboration team to further grow the components of the Milestones program and continue to integrate additional memory support best practices.

Milestones at Otterbein: A Guided Journey in Memory Support is recognized by the Alzheimer’s Association® for incorporating the evidenced-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations in the following topic areas: Alzheimer’s and dementia, person-centered care, assessment and care planning, activities of daily living, and behaviors and communication.


“I’m very pleased with the programming that Judy participates in at Otterbein. One of her favorite activities is OMA (Opening Minds Through Art), through which she’s painted several pieces of art and received awards.

Another program is the Music & Memory initiative, which brings back memories from her past and brings her joy.

I’m very proud of how well Judy has responded. She is loving the Milestones program at Otterbein.”

– Vic V., husband of Otterbein Memory Care resident