SeniorLife Options

Living Here or In the Home

At Otterbein SeniorLife, we never stop working to help you achieve as much independence, meaning, and satisfaction as possible — in every aspect of your life.

With us, discover a rich life, with freedom, wellness, and care as you need it. Otterbein can help you plan now for all your future living needs, whether it’s at our spirited SeniorLife Communities, at our holistic SeniorLife Neighborhoods, or with our compassionate SeniorLife in the Home services. We offer plenty of choices for living here or in your home!

otterbein senior life communities offer a variety of services, amenities, and activities

Our SeniorLife Communities

If you’re ready to give up the hassles of home maintenance while being guaranteed access to life-enriching amenities and all of the health services you may need in the future, our SeniorLife Communities have something for everyone. From independent living to nursing care, these nine CCRC (continuing care retirement communities) are ready for your every need.

Alive with activity, nine vibrant campuses are conveniently located and provide care as you need it.

Each community has an environment all its’ own. From sprawling woods with paved walking paths to landscaped gardens and a bevy of wellness services and endless entertainment, there’s an Otterbein SeniorLife Community perfect for you.

otterbein communities offer skilled care and assisted living to seniors

Our SeniorLife Neighborhoods

Maybe you’re planning for surgery or need a place to recover that’s just like home. Perhaps your health needs have changed and you need more attentive care. Our innovative SeniorLife Neighborhoods are the perfect solutions.

With nine locations throughout Ohio, these skilled nursing and rehab neighborhoods combine professional care and assisted living in a personalized environment.

Our revolutionary “small house” design for long-term nursing care and rehab focuses on life and its enjoyment. Nothing is institutional about Otterbein’s SeniorLife Neighborhoods. There are no medicine carts in the hallways, and the staff blend right in — in other words, nothing to disrupt the home-like atmosphere. It’s the “Small House Difference.”

Visit one of our nine neighborhoods to experience the difference today!

otterbein senior life cargivers provide in-home health services to seniors

SeniorLife in the Home

You don’t always have to leave your home to get the best care. At Otterbein, we offer home health and hospice services for SeniorLife in the Home. You get the professional, passionate Otterbein care without having to move in.

With our home health services, our nurses and therapists come to you to help you recover from illness or injury. Our hospice care is there to provide love and comfort at the end of this life.

otterbein senior living community residents

Life Enrichment

The way we see it, at Otterbein you have six aspects of life to be cared for: physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, and vocational. Given love and encouragement, these parts of you never cease to grow.

Hundreds of enriching activities await you at Otterbein — educational, cultural, healthful, or just plain fun. It doesn’t matter if you’re shy or outgoing. Your activities counselor works with you to create a plan for optimal personal development.

Otterbein is a liberating experience. We take care of your basic needs, freeing you to become the person God wants you to be. And life enrichment helps you to become that person.