[VIDEO] Meet the Residents at Otterbein Lebanon

Posted on: December 19, 2022

Otterbein Lebanon residents choose to move here for a variety of reasons, but one reason tends to stand out above the rest: the people.

In this blog, resident couple Frank and Marge share what they enjoy most about living in the community. Another resident couple, Bob and Margie, also tell about their journey to Otterbein and explain how their children felt about the move.

Watch the video and read the blog to hear from both couples. 


Frank and Marge: What We Love About Living Here

After over 60 years of marriage, Otterbein Lebanon couple Frank and Marge had created a lifetime of memories and were looking for a place they could make more.

Otterbein Lebanon residents Frank and Marge

“I have known about Otterbein since I was a kid,” said Frank. “My grandfather was a United Brethren Minister and so was my oldest aunt on my mother’s side. And my aunt always wanted to retire here.”

“I think that the culture here was probably the deciding factor,” said Marge. “We found that Otterbein folk are active and involved with volunteering and helping others.”

In addition to the engaging culture, there are numerous amenities and services available to residents, like gardens, an art studio, and a woodshop. You’ll find a fitness center with an indoor pool and a walking track. Many residents enjoy convenient access to the golf course, spa, and movie theater.  

Marge wanted to find a community with a pool. “One thing was a deal-breaker — [it] had to have a swimming pool, and there’s a terrific YMCA swimming pool here.”

Residents play an active role in the programming at Otterbein Lebanon. There are book clubs, concerts, lectures, choir practices, special events, and more. 

“There are so many people here with so many varied experiences,” said Frank. “You can’t go a week without a significant program.” 

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Bob and Margie: Why We Chose Otterbein

Some residents move to senior living because they no longer need a large home and cannot keep up with the repairs or maintenance a home requires. 

Otterbein Lebanon residents Bob and Margie

“We came to Otterbein because we had a big house, and our children had moved out,” said Margie. “I had two knee replacements, and I had to convince him it was time to move.”

“We’re probably one of the youngest couples, if not the youngest couple, that lives out here — which is a blast,” said Bob. “It makes it so much fun for us.” 

There are many opportunities to participate in activities and meet new friends. “We’ve gotten involved with a lot of different things out here,” said Bob. 

“We play cribbage every Thursday night, and that went from four of us to now there’s like 15 or 16 of us,” said Margie. “It really is lots of fun.”

Bob appreciates any chance to volunteer and help others in the community. 

“I play in the bell choir. I play percussion in the church choir. I do morning announcements,” said Bob. “I just try to help out when and where I can out here.” 

Both Bob and Margie agree that it’s the people that make Otterbein Lebanon so enjoyable, and they’re grateful their children feel the same way.

“It’s a lot of best things about being here at Otterbein,” said Bob. “For us, it was what our kids said: ‘You made the best decision for us not to worry about you later in life.’” 

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